Kindergarten Graduation Menu

We woke up early around here. What’s early for us? 6:00am. I am now jamming out to a Kid’s Praise Version of Lean on Me and Pharaoh Pharaoh. The Things are doing Karaoke in her room. Thought I would whip up this post real quick while I sip my piping hot coffee.

We have planned a short graduation for tomorrow night. I am so stinking excited and sad all at the same time. I can’t believe I have a child old enough to graduate from kinder. I didn’t want this day to be any less special for her just because she was home schooled so I am doing things just as they would be done in an actual school with other children. I really want to tell you what we are doing, but I am holding off. I am hoping to capture it on video (somehow between playing the teacher and mom role throughout the production) to share with you. I just hope I can keep Thing 2 and Thing 3 occupied during the ceremony so that she can shine. As I was shopping for this menu I began to tear up in the grocery store. It seems like yesterday she was born too early. I couldn’t even imagine making it to this point in her life and yet, here we are. Maybe it’s her graduating kinder combined with that she will be turning 6 years old in a month. I am so proud of her and yet, I just don’t want her to grow up! Before I start boo hoo-ing while writing this post, let’s get to the food.

Here’s what I am doing. Her graduation party (with just the Norman 5) will have the school theme going for it.

We are having:

Diploma wraps

ABC Pasta Salad

ABC Dry Cereal

ABC Cookies

Paper and Pens (Slices of Mozzarella with stick pretzels)

Super shapes punch (we are making these today)

Graduation Cap Cookies (we are making these today)

A Graduation Cake that I am picking up from the bakery tomorrow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Graduation Menu

  1. She is so sweet! Love the slideshow and am so blessed to know your baby girl. Who knows? Maybe we’ll end up in FL one day and she and Felix can be buds again. πŸ™‚

  2. That sound like sooo much fun!! Bella will remember it forever! I love the slide show. My favorite is the pouty face in the pumpkin…classic!

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