The Twirling Tooth Fairy

We were sitting at the dinner table last night and Thing 1 was eating her dinner. She looks up and says, “I really don’t want my corn on the cob.” I looked at her plate and looked back at her, “Maybe if you eat it a tooth will fall out.” She has been one of the last of all of her friends to lose a tooth. It’s a weekly topic of conversation. I have told her all along if she eats a lot of apples and carrots it may help loosen her teeth. She has eagerly indulged without any success. She looks at me with these, “I’m starting not to believe you” eyes, takes a huge bite of corn and as she is chewing she says, “That hurt!” While she is talking with a mouth full of corn I notice her bottom tooth looks a little weird. “Your tooth!!! It’s loose!”  That was it. After a few phone calls to her favorite people exclaiming her excitement I told her to go ahead and pull it out if she wanted. She was so determined to lose her first tooth that she just yanked it right out. I was a bit surprised that she did it. Thing 2 at first was horrified that her tooth was coming out of her mouth. When he realized that there was money involved he quickly started trying to yank his teeth out of his mouth. Before bed I quickly googled different types of tooth fairies. I wanted to invite a special tooth fairy to come and visit us. It’s not every day a tooth fairy comes to visit our house. I came across The Twirling Tooth Fairy and knew that this was exactly the one that we would invite.

We wanted a really pretty sparkly tooth fairy so we decided if we put out lots of pretty things maybe we would get a really glittery one.


Her tooth is at the very bottom of the glass (the red dot).


Early this morning around 7am a very excited Thing 1 came bouncing into our room. “She came, she came!”

The man and I walked into her room to see that The Twirling Tooth Fairy had left dust ALL OVER the place. She had a party while Thing 1 was asleep. There was fairy dust on the carpet, the window sill, her dresser and her bed. She was covered head to toe in fairy dust.

There were even little slipper prints left behind revealing that she was small.


She got $2.00 plus a coin from Mexico. Her tooth fairy left her a certificate, a letter, a coloring page and a piece of sugarless gum. It has been a very exciting morning in our house. When Thing 2 woke up he was so amazed by all the dust that her fairy left. Thing 1 was super excited that she wore a pink dress last night. I asked her how many tooth fairies she thought there was. She believes there are probably 80 of them. All of them with a different color dress. It was our first visit from the Twirling Tooth Fairy. We simply can not wait to have many more!



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