Menu Plan Monday

I didn’t post a Menu Plan Monday last week. I have tried to keep tight reigns on our budget and thought I would use last week as an opportunity to use what we had on hand. I made it through the week, barely. In an effort to make sure we stay on budget, I have slimmed down my budget for groceries. The next two weeks of meals are all budget friendly, excluding my steak meal because that was our at home date night meal. In my mind, that meal was totally justified because I spent a quarter of what we would have spent at a nice restaurant. After our date night meal, the man looks at me and says, “Why would we ever eat out again? You can make anything I would want and cater it to my taste.” Exactly hun, you just keep thinking that way.

I am making some bread this week. Jana Debney over at Just Makin’ It has been making my mouth salivate as she’s been in a bread making mood. Keep a look out, I am pretty sure she planned to post some bread or biscuit recipes this week.

Also notice that I am trying to get better at using one item to stretch into more than one meal: stewed cabbage and cabbage coldslaw. One big head of lettuce  for my taco ring and two salads for two nights. Potatoes for mashed potatoes, fries and twice baked potatoes. Just another way to make my budget stretch and get more for my money.

Happy Menu Planning

1.) Taco Ring

2.) Oven Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls and cabbage coldslaw

3.) Chicken Fried steak, stewed cabbage, and twice baked potatoes (PW Style I am making a big batch of these and will be freezing them for other meals)

4.) Chicken Tostadas

5.) Chicken Flautas and guacamole

6.) Steak topped with Boursin cheese, roasted asparagus topped with melted Gorgonzola,  snow peas sautéed in garlic and salt, and rolls

7.) Eggplant Parmesan

8.) Falafel, Baba Ganoush and home-made pita

9.) Challa bread french toast

10.) Chilli dogs, fries and salad (Smore’s for dessert)

11.) Hamburgers, fries and salad (Smore’s for dessert)

12.) Pesto BLT’s (Galit finally going to break into the pesto you made me! Can’t wait)

13.) Shrimp, corn on the cob and roasted squash


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. You never cease to amaze me! If you like the pesto, there is so much more where that came from. Our basil plants are all over the place, hard to believe it was one seed pack for $1. Have a great day!

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