How to make the wine of the south

This post is long over due. I promised my SIL, Michelle Norman Lorimer, I would teach her how to make sweet tea (the wine of the south) and fried chicken. I have taken the pictures a dozen times and keep forgetting to write the post. Here it is 🙂 I owe you one fried chicken post, Michelle.

Southerners make their sweet tea one of two ways: in a coffee maker or in a sauce pan on the stove. I grew up on the coffee pot method and that one is my favorite. Most of you have a  coffee pot so I won’t add that to the list of things needed.

You will need:

4 Lipton tea bags

1 cup of sugar

1 pitcher (Mine is 2 1/4 Quarts)

Why Lipton?

It’s what I grew up on. I can not have any other kind of tea and like it. I have been drinking sweet tea since I could walk and get my hands on it. Coffee too (but that’s a different story). Sweet tea is a staple in my fridge. I start drinking tea as soon as I finish my last cup of coffee in the morning. The man has been able to break me of a few bad habits and driving around with a tall glass of tea in my car was one of the first bad habits he broke. I had HUGE tea stains in my car because I was always carrying a glass of sweet tea and ice everywhere I went. Once he realized why I had so many carpet stains, he started buying me tumblers. I detest tumblers. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like drinking from them. That was enough for me to quit taking tea with me when I left the house.

Paul used to have perfect teeth. Then he met me and I introduced him to sweet tea. Within our first year of marriage, he got 7 cavities. Where did they come from? The tea! Now you know why southerners have such bad teeth 🙂 If you are going to hang with us and drink the wine of the south, please be sure you have a great dental plan.

Let’s get brewing!

Take 4 tea bags and place them in your coffee pot. No filter needed.

Fill up your pot with water.

Start the coffee pot. As it’s making, measure your sugar and put it at the bottom of your pitcher.

Don’t make a mess like I did. Do that part over the sink.

Once your tea is ready, pour it into your pitcher. Stir it real good. If you have room left in your pitcher, add more water just to fill your pitcher to the top. Stir again. Fill your glass with ice, pour your tea, head outside and sit in the shade and enjoy.

Who needs lemonade when you have sweet tea!

Store your tea in the refrigerator. If your house is like mine, you will need to make more tea in about 2 days.


3 thoughts on “How to make the wine of the south

  1. Very close to what I do, except, for some reason I insist on stirring the tea with a wooden spoon. If I do it with any other type, it just doesn’t taste right. But that’s my two cents! 🙂

    • I think I remember my dad using a wooden spoon when I was little. Then he switched to strictly plastic. I use my wooden spoon for spaghetti sauce and don’t like to use plastic when I am making that- I too feel like the spoon makes a difference in the taste lol

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