Holy Guacamole!

There is a children’s book we love around here called Skippyjon Jones. It’s about a Siamese cat who pretends he is a Chihuahua. He goes into his closet where he becomes El Skippito, a great sword fighter in Mexico. He battles banditos and bumble-beetos. He says, “Holy guacamole!” after seeing his reflection in the mirror (he sees himself as the Chihuahua instead of a cat).Every time we read Skippyjon Jones, I am in the mood for Mexican food. It really doesn’t take much coaxing for me. WE LOVE MEXICAN FOOD. Guacamole, salsa and boiled peanuts are my favorite snacks.

When I was pregnant with Thing 2, we hadn’t been in Texas long enough for me to learn how to make a good batch of guacamole. I had FIERCE cravings for guacamole. I craved it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We couldn’t keep enough of it in the house. I didn’t care if I had chips to go with it or not, I would eat it by the spoonful. I remember one day in particular, we had a bunch of running around to do. It was a Saturday. We ate out for every meal, and at every meal I said I needed  Guac. Truly I did. Those cravings are something else. So, the man ran into Mexican restaurants at every meal and ordered huge bowls of Guac to go. I sat in the car eating it with a spoon. Can’t you just imagine it. At the end of the day, the man was totaling up the receipts and we had discovered I had eaten over $50 worth of guacamole in just one day. That was the end of ordering guacamole from restaurants. I went to Costco and bought avocados by the bag and started looking up how to make my own. Guacamole is one of those personalized dishes. You either like yours with a lot of avocado, or tomato. Some like it mixed with sour cream, chunky, creamy, with the cumin, without, with a dash of lemon juice, without… get my point. This is how I like mine. I mix mine with a fork and mash it just a little because I like chucks of avocado in my guacamole. When you add your Cumin, literally tip the bottle over once or twice and let some spill and that ‘s all. Cumin is strong and if you put too much that is all that it will taste like. I like a few shakes of the sea salt, but again, not too much. Turn on some Gypsy Kings (our favorite), make some fajitas and Guacamole and enjoy a Mexican themed dinner night at supper.

What you will need:
6 large avocados
1 tomato
1 tsp lime juice
cilantro (I use somewhere around 1 tsp of dried cilantro)
1 tsp Garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 dash ground cumin
Sea Salt

Helpful hint: Don’t make it until you are ready to eat it. Since it browns quickly, you will want to keep your avocado seeds. Pile your guac on top of them in your bowl and refrigerate. I freeze half of this since it makes a bunch.


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