Bowled Peanuts: The potato chip of the south

When Paul and I started dating, I learned early on about his love for sushi. Back then, I did not appreciate sushi and often threw up in my mouth watching him eat it. He started me off slowly by ordering me edamame one day. I fell in love and re-paid him by introducing him to boiled peanuts. I draw out the word… bowled peanuts. The first time he heard me say the word boiled it took us 3 minutes to get on the same page. “Bowl some peanuts?” “Nooo, bowled peanuts!” “You want me to put some peanuts in a bowl?”” NO! Booowwwll, you know, like bowl the water!” I wish I was making this up, but I’m not. I still don’t say boil or oil the right way. There are parts of my grammar that refuse to be tamed. Hence why at times I sound normal (i.e. saying words the right way) and at others I sound southern.

I had to work extra hard in college to finish with an English degree because every time I went back home for a visit I started using double negatives again. Finally, one of my professors asked to me refrain from going home until summer. I cringe at the thought of any of my old English professors looking at my posts. They would have a hey day with the way I have slipped back into my southern slang, poor grammar and punctuation. I justify my posts in my head with the thought that blogging is an anomaly in the world of writing with its own rules. Bloggers relay a personality, a voice, a uniqueness to them. I wonder what exactly mine relays to you at times. Hmmm.

Back to the story. So, that’s when I found out I didn’t have to share my boiled peanuts. He’ll eat them, but only to see me smile. I am ok with not having to share. I love these things! In the south, you will see trucks on the side of the road selling these, or at the Farmer’s Market. Usually when you buy them, they will put them in a grocery bag for you. Now, if you have never seen them, or eaten them, this may seem weird. You just put my food, that I bought, in a nasty grocery bag… Not too sure what to say other than, that’s the most cost efficient solution for hot sopping wet peanuts. I think I speak for most of the south when I say, the saltier, the better. Personally , I like mine cooked until the shell is almost soggy. So how do you make them. Easy.. you bowl them. You can do it on the stove but it takes a few hours so your safest bet is to make ’em in your crock pot or slow cooker.

I used half of a 2 lb bag to make these. When buying the peanuts, you want to make sure they are raw peanuts.

Not cooked, roasted etc. The ones I get are Jumbo sized. Add water and peanuts to your pot. Put your setting on HIGH. Since I was making a whole crock pot full, I added 7 tbsp of salt. Not all at once. It’s not an exact science. I started with adding 4 tbsp of salt and let it cook for about 4 hours. Then I tried one and added 2 more tbsp, let it cook for a few more hours and tasted it again,.. and added my last tbsp a few hours before it was done. You should taste it along the way to make sure you get it to where you want it.

How long should they cook? Well, that’s really up to you. You want them cooked through. In a crock pot, that could take about 5 hours. If you cooked less than 1 pound or didn’t get the jumbo sized peanuts, that time frame could be shorter. Like I said above, I like mine cooked almost to the point of a soggy shell. I started mine around 10am in the morning and didn’t turn off the crock pot until 9pm that night.

Once they are cooked like you want them, drain them in a colander.

They are ready to eat once they’ve cooled a little. If you are the only one who is eating this delicious snack, you can freeze them. I put mine in sandwich baggies once they’ve cooled and place them in the freezer. When I am ready to eat another bag I just thaw and eat.

I love these things so much, I will make a meal out of them. In fact, the night that I made these, I was supposed to have a pulled pork sandwich (from the pork that we froze). I made it for the man and the kids and I sat down with a huge plate of these babies,… and that was my supper. Bowled peanuts are my favorite.

Right about now, you should be pouring yourself an ice-cold glass of tea to go with these.



3 thoughts on “Bowled Peanuts: The potato chip of the south

  1. Tara… how true how true how true… Loved reading this post! It brought back many many memories of eating “bowled” peanutes! lol…

    Loved the addition of the sweet tea at the end, what could go better with bowled peanuts other than a big glass of ice cold sweet tea!= (most prefer with a lemon but not me).

    Love you! Thanks for sharing!

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