Menu Plan Monday- On Tuesday

Good morning everyone. I take it we all survived Monday? I totally forgot yesterday was Monday and in the madness of my day, posted the bagel recipe instead of my menu planner. I am sure you will forgive me. Do any of y’all actually use this or like reading it? I am wondering if I should continue with Menu Plan Monday. Please let me know.

The last two weeks were off because I forgot the man had some traveling to do so I didn’t make it through all of my meals which means some of them carried over to this menu plan.

What we are having:

1.) 5 Cheese Ravioli (Publix has the ravioli and the tortellini on BOGO. I bought one ravioli and got he tortellini free)

2.) Citrus chicken (Publix has the chicken breasts for $1.29 I stocked up and grabbed 4)

3.) Caesar style tortellini (this recipe was in the Publix flyer. The salad kit was on sale and the pork tenderloin was on sale- will be using left over tenderloin from #6 for this)

4.) Chicken fajita, spanish rice, home-made salsa and chips

5.) Sirloin tip roast and mashed potatoes (The roast is on sale)

6.) Pork tenderloin, broccoli & cheese, home-made bruschetta (with my garden tomatoes) and home-made bread

7.) ย Roast sandwiches (leftover from #5)

8.) Baba Ganoush and falafel

9.) BBQ Chicken, twice baked potatoes (making extra to fill the freezer) and home-made Paula Deen cole slaw

10.) Chicken flautas, home-made guac and chips

11.) Spicy shrimp, corn on the cob and roasted squash

12.) Bacon, eggs, grits and toast

13.) Hamburgers and french fries


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