So here  we are getting ready to begin a new year. First grade. I can’t believe we are here… I can’t believe we survived last year: the homeschooling, the moving, the transition, the trips. Somehow we managed it all. This year is going to be very different. We are super excited about this year. For one, we will have desks.

The pink 3 drawer organizational bin contains all of our flash cards (for all subjects… we have a ton of them). The green one is for Thing 2’s crafts and puzzles. Easily accessible to him so I can focus on Thing 1 when needed.

I love these desks. Thanks to my friend Gretchen over at Tales Of A Working Mom for giving me the info on how to get these super cute desks with storage! By the way, she is also a homeschooler (and a working mom- my hero), check out her blog. These are exactly the kind of desks I wanted the kids to have. Even Thing 3 loves them.

We have our books for both Things.

Thing 1’s curriculum is so exciting this year… I will get to that in a second.

This is Thing 2’s.

Finally organized enough this year to have my reward stickers (while I believe Thing 1 liked my hand drawn smiley faces, it’s just not as motivating as the scratch and sniff stickers) and a reward bucket filled with $1 books from Target and bookmarks!

Which leads me to my weekly organization. You’ll get a sneak peek at my weekly schedule (as well as Thing 1’s personal organizational binder) in a week or so, but for now I am showing you my weekly worksheet organization solution. I know my child well enough to know she needs to know exactly how many worksheets she has left to do in a day. This little box, I believe it was $10,  will hold writing paper and each day’s school work. There is a folder for each day of the week, one for paper, and one for “Complete by Friday.” Last year taught me a lot. There are days you just don’t get to finish a sheet: someone is sick or the day is all jumbled up. I am a mom to three kids so every day is not going to go perfect. In fact, realistically speaking, I may get one perfect homeschooling day out of five.  I remember clearly there were days Thing 1 had absolutely no interest in doing her work because she thought she was the only kid in the entire world having school. That is what this folder is for… those days. This folder will allow me to keep my sanity, stay on target and focus on what’s important. The work for the days that go upside down will go in here in the “Complete by Friday” folder.

Beside it you can see everyone’s pencil cups. I have one as well to hold my highlighter and red pens and most importantly MY TIMER! Yes, a timer. A pearl of wisdom gained from last year’s experience. We both need a timer to stay on track. Sometimes she needs one to keep her focused on finishing a sheet. Sometimes I need one to keep me focused on getting through that lesson. My timer was $2.00. Well worth it. While I am thinking of it, The Learning Store is having a back to school sale. I think it’s 20% off now. If you are a homeschooler you can sign up for Teacher’s Club Card  and save an additional 15%.

Thing 1’s First Grade curriculum:

Gravitas Publicaitons: Chemistry and Biology. We are most excited about this subject. Thing 1 LOVES science. Since The Man majored in Chemistry this was a no brainer for us. We get to do lab experiments every other week in Biology and Chemistry.

Abeka: Language Arts & History

Singapore Math we are also very excited about the math curriculum. I was always weak in math until college. I do not want Thing 1 to go through that struggle. I love the way Singapore teaches math by groupings. This will be fun for me to teach this year.

Doorposts: Bible Curriculum – Polished Cornerstones. We will be studying the Proverbs 31 woman all year complete with projects for her age level.

We will also be studying music, Spanish, computer and art on the side each week.

Last year Thing 1 had a Bible verse for graduation that was our “Yearly Verse.” She has weekly verses, but that verse was a constant verse that we talked about and referenced. I haven’t picked one out for her this year, but I have one for myself: Proverbs 22:6. I am using this verse this year to remind myself of the responsibility that I have not only as a mother, but now as her teacher.

Thing 2 also has a curriculum from Abeka. He will be learning letters, numbers and working on crafts.

I can not wait to start this school year. I am happy to share this adventure with you and have added homeschooling as a menu on my blog. I hope that all of my homeschool followers can provide tips and encouragement when needed this year! I learned quickly that support is key when you are a homeschooling mamma. You need someone to tell you every once in a while you are doing great, here’s a different way to teach that, or it’s ok to have a bad day and get absolutely nothing accomplished. Homeschooling is a lot like having a newborn. There are days when you are very productive and days when you are not and getting a shower is a small victory in and of itself. (At least that is how it is for me.. hope I am not the only homeschooling momma who goes through that).


4 thoughts on “Homeschooling

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  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting your curriculum!! There are so many it’s hard to choose. I had a science one all picked out but was having enough doubts that I hadn’t bought it yet. Gravitas looks PERFECT. Now I can teach both boys from the same book. 😀

    We decided on Singapore for Simon, too. We got Horizons for Felix. I think I will go back to Abeka for the cursive for Simon and probably language arts, too.

    *sigh* decisions, decisions. There are NOT enough hours in the day. 😀

  4. Tara, this looks great! I am glad u like the desks. Aren’t they great! I cannot wait to share tips and stories. I cannot really go to a home school group because of my work schedule, so this will be so nice! HOw old is thing 2 again? Anyway, I will pray that your school goes well and look forward to hearing about it!

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