A Not So Wordless Wednesday- Barefoot in the Kitchen

For those who subscribe, I apologize for the random older posts that went out last night. I was cleaning up my blog to make sure all the posts have the proper tags so that you can find them easily. The Homeschooling post was the only post that I meant to send out last night.

It’s not so wordless today because I wanted to tell you that yes, I am the new owner of what may be the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. They are my new house shoes. On the flip side, my heels don’t feel bruised at the end of the day and I haven’t jammed any of my toes this week.

I walk in bare feet pretty much all day. Inside, outside I am rarely in shoes. These shoes are supposed to be part of some back to bare feet movement. I explained to the sales guy that unless I am leaving the house, shoes don’t touch my feet.  He was so excited a SAHM was buying them. He mentioned I was going to be the coolest mamma on the playground and in the theme parks. I got in the car and relayed that message to The Man followed with a sarcastic “Not likely.” The man quickly assured me these were very trendy shoes. *clearing throat* Maybe for men, but I have yet to come across a SAHM wearing these ugly things. I will say that they are growing on me. I take them off and it’s weird, it’s almost as though my feet miss them. I have never worn a shoe that makes me want to put it back on.

I know, random post. It’s that kind of day for me. My head is in the clouds because of allergies. This is the best that I have for today 🙂 Happy Hump Day!




4 thoughts on “A Not So Wordless Wednesday- Barefoot in the Kitchen

  1. I have to say not a bad idea….I see people walking around in these all the time. And one of the lady doctors are Karsons pediatric office wears them all the time. However, I find this post rather interesting because this would be a great pair of shoes to wear as a SAHM!!! I love it 🙂

  2. I’ve seen ’em. On women. I don’t love the way they look, but I am super intrigued and will probably cave to the trend factor. Though, I have avoided Toms…We shall see. 😀

  3. I saw my 11 yr old nephew wearing them, and he said they were super comfortable once you get used to them. They look like you should be in the space program !! I will be interested to hear your thoughts after a couple of weeks, I too never where shoes unless leaving the house. Mostly flip flop crocs.

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