The Twirling Tooth Fairy- Part 2

A few posts ago I introduced you to the Twirling Tooth fairy. The original idea came from How Does She. We have since lost a total of three teeth. I am going to show you how to make your tooth fairy water sparkle.

What you need:

2 glasses that are exactly the same


Food coloring

Wilton Pearl Dust for cakes (it’s $3 and you can find it at Joann’s in the cake decorating section. I picked up gold)

In case you have never seen the Pearl Dust before I took a picture of mine so you know what to look for. It’s perfect for adding that extra touch to your cup of water. Just like Tink’s fairy dust.

I had this pearl dust on hand to paint Easter eggs with and when Thing 1’s first tooth came out I knew I had to use it to give her water that extra sparkle! If you want to take it as far as I did then use glitter in the same color and sprinkle that all over the window sill, the carpet, the dresser and on your Thing’s bed.

When your Thing looses the tooth you will use one glass of water to put the tooth in for the tooth fairy. You want to use a glass that you have two of because you want to be able to do a switcharoo with the tooth fairy water. My Thing is a light sleeper (which is why the tooth under a pillow thing would never work for us). I like to have my water ready so I can just run in, throw the glitter all around, set out the money and certificates, switch the water and leave. It’s like a sting operation.

Fill your glass with water and add your food coloring. You can add as much or as little as you like.

Stir it to make sure you got the color you want and add some pearl dust. A little goes a long way with the pearl dust. After you add it stir it really well.

Perfecto! You have just made the cutest glass of water ever seen!

After the very first Twirling Tooth Fairy came I was wondering how I was going to find out what color Tooth Fairies she wanted to see most. I started exploring the internet looking for something to help me out. Then I found this:


At some point during the day after the tooth has come out, this note is slid under her pillow for her to find at bedtime. She marks which fairy she wants to visit and I color the water that fairy’s color. Blue was for Amarina and this last time she picked Nute the surfer!

Click on the link to get your  Ultimate Tooth Fairy Print Out . They send it to your email after you enter the child’s name and you can print it from there.

With the money and the foreign coin, Thing 1 also receives tooth fairy certificates.

I found the coupons on here. Just print them, fill it out and sign. I have given one for each tooth after the first tooth came out.

The very first tooth received extra attention and she received a special certificate, a letter from the Tooth Fairy and extra money for that tooth.

Go here to print a letter from the Tooth Fairy for the first tooth lost.

Here is a link to the one that I used: Tooth Fairy Certificate but you can go here to get others with different color robes or dresses.

And that is all the behind the scenes information I have on the Twirling Tooth Fairy and how I make the magic happen. Hope this helps all the Tooth Fairies out there! Remember, it’s over if you wake the Thing 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Twirling Tooth Fairy- Part 2

  1. SO much cooler than I did! And I had some of that pearl dust, but didn’t think it would hold! Next time for sure because glitter just floats. Thanks for the links!

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