Another addition to our homeschooling curriculum: Little Passports, A Global Adventure

I was browsing through some homeschooling blogs the other night, taking a peek at what everyone had in mind this year, when I came across a post about Little Passports. After reading through the post and visiting their website, I found them on Facebook. I reached out to them and here we are.

I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, but I surely didn’t expect a super cute box to be delivered to my door.

The kids were immediately asking questions. “Who’s that for? What are all those stamps? Can we open it now?” I used the box as ransom in exchange for a nap. As soon as nap time was over I was quickly reminded of my promise that they could open the box. They opened the box and the suitcase and their faces lit up as soon as they saw all that it beheld.

The box contained the Little Passports starter kit. The starter kit contains a suitcase, a world map, a boarding pass (with secret codes to play at the Boarding Zone), stickers for your suitcase, an activity sheet (with hints as to where Sam and Sofia may go next), a passport for your child and a personal letter from Sam and Sofia the explorers. Sam and Sofia travel the world using a magical scooter. ย The initial letter explains their story and let’s your child know exactly what to expect going forward.

We took out the map (the map is impressive! LOVE the size of the map!), we ooo’edย and aahhh’ed over the passport (they are dying for me to take pictures of them to put in the passport), we read Sam and Sofia’s letter explaining their story. Thing 2 really wanted to know if we could go and meet them and hitch a ride on their scooter.

Finally, we grabbed our luggage tag and headed to the “Boarding Zone” with our secret codes in tow to play educational games.

I LOVE that Thing 1 was sitting on the floor searching the map for countries to find answers to the online continent game. While the online games were great for Thing 1, it did not hold Thing 2’s attention. He wanted to look the passport and picture of Sam and Sofia.For Thing 2, the excitement is really going to be in the monthly package.

There are 4 types of monthly subscriptions for as little as $10.95/ month. Each month Sam and Sofia travel to a different country sending to your home a personalized letter, and goodies like stickers, souvenirs, crafts, and passport stamps. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom, a homeschooling parent, or just a mom wanting to enrich your child with an educational activity, your children will fall in love learning about the world and the places that Sam and Sofia are traveling to. After reviewing the starter kit and getting online to play the games with the kids, I am sold. We are signing up for the Jetsetter Package for $11.95/ month and tying this into our history for homeschooling. That package will send Sam and Sofia to 23 countries. We are SUPER excited to get started. The kids are just bubbling over with excitement about this. I have to tell you, I am too! I can not wait to see what country we will get to learn about first. I have all sorts of plans for the monthly packages. As we get our kits, my menu plan is going to change to reflect the country that Sam and Sofia are visiting that month. I am also hoping to tie some music and art in with this product as well. Stay tuned … I will be updating the homeschooling portion of the blog as we receive our monthly package from Sam and Sofia.

Disclosure: I was given this product to review but am not being paid for my post. All opinions are based on my own experience. This post does contain Affiliate links.

11 thoughts on “Another addition to our homeschooling curriculum: Little Passports, A Global Adventure

  1. Tara, You may want to look at She has a curriculum that sounds a lot like this. It may give you some hints on the foods and other fun activities to do.

  2. This sounds awesome!! I do passports with my students around December as we find out how Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Every time we talk about a different country, we ‘visit’ it on the map, and I stamp their passports. We’ll watch film clips, make crafts, and sometimes we taste a snack. This would be an awesome way to teach geography for the whole year, though. Even of I had to make paper passports to accommodate the whole class, I bet I could use this! I’m going to have to go look this up!!

    • Himeschoolmamawife~ 3rd time was the charm ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for the link & info! We are super excited too! There’s just so many different ways you can use this to teach your kids- plus the kids love the mail!

  3. I have bought one for each of my children 6 and 4.5 y/o they love the whole idea of getting mail full of little surprises! So far we have gotten 5 countries, cant wait to do all of the countries they offer! I also LOVEEEE confessions of a homeschooler!

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