Menu Plan Monday- On Wednesday

GOOOD MORNIN’! The Things are putting on a Toy Story show with their animals right now. Veggie Tales Sunday Morning Songs cd is playing in the back ground. I have already drank half of the Venti sized glass of iced coffee I made for myself this morning… we are officially starting our day.

I wanted to post the Menu Planner on Monday, but I had to prioritize my posts. I wanted to get the Little Passports post up so that you could get that discount (Receive 10% off Little Passports until July 31st using code “SHARE10”!) while it’s available. Hurry and get it at this price while you can!

The Man was out of town earlier this week so we had an easy night in there one night. Easy meaning cereal. Those are great nights!

Can y’all believe there’s only 2 weeks left of summer?!!  I will be taking a break the week before school starts to spend time with the Things and get our ducks in a row. After school starts I am thinking I am going to drop down to every other day posts until I can break in our new routine. We will see. I’ll let you know as I figure it out.

Gotta run, I have some Things that need help putting on a puppet show.

1.) Taco Ring

2.) BBQ Chicken, corn and macaroni and cheese

3.) Stuffed Artichokes (recipe for this will be posted tomorrow)

4.) Hot dogs and fries

5.) Tomato sauce over veggies (meatless night)

6.) Pancakes and Turkey bacon

7.) Chicken Alfredo over cauliflower

8.) Pulled pork sandwiches

9.) Salad (meatless night)

10.) 5 Cheese Ravioli

11.) Roast and mashed potatoes

12.) Leftovers

13.) Leftovers

14.) Cereal night


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