Menu Plan Monday

I have news! Jana Debney, over at Just Makin’ It, and I will be bringing you more meals for your slow cooker! We have teamed up to cook through Stephanie O’Dea’s blog! If you haven’t yet, go check Stephanie out at Crockpot365. Jana and I will each cook two slow cooker meals every two weeks. When I post my menu plans I will let you know which meals are Stephanie’s so you can cook with me! This is going to be fun. Jana is working on two breakfast meals this menu plan. I have two dinner meals for this menu plan. As we each try out a recipe, the reviews will be posted both on my blog and hers. Sign up over at Just Makin’ It and add her to your blog roll if you haven’t already. She writes for Bounty as well and has been working on a series of posts about cost efficient cleaning supplies!

In other news we, the Things and I, have completed our first week of homeschooling! It was a fabulous first week. I’ll write more about that this week. We did receive our first Little Passports package and we got Brazil!! We are super excited. I will be writing a separate homeschooling blog post on this but wanted to let you know that my menu plan below reflects a meal and dessert from Brazil. When I write the Little Passports post I plan to enclose my recipes for those who are following along with us! 🙂

And now, the menu plan!

1. Java Roast *Stephanie O’Dea* over mashed potatoes and corn

2. Chive Chicken, carrots and cabbage

3. Chicken tortilla soup (made with leftover chicken from the Chive Chicken)

4. Cranberry pork roast *Stephanie O’Dea*, acorn squash and asparagus

5. Slow cooked Korean style short rib soup and home-made pot stickers (my pot sticker recipe will be posted soon)

6. Curried chicken over cauliflower

7. Kale sausage and lentil skillet (recipe to be blogged)

8. Brazilian Stroganoff with Pao de queijo

9. 5 Cheese Ravioli

10. Kale with Chick peas in pita with couscous

11. Black bean Enchiladas

12. Leftovers

13. Root beer BBQ Sandwiches

14. Leftovers

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