Potstickers! Make them yourself!

Did y’all miss me the last two weeks? I needed the time that I took off from blogging to spend that extra time with my Things. I also took some time to try out some more new recipes. I have wanted to make potstickers for years. Yes, years! When we go out to eat I always order them. They come to our table with like a plate of 5 of them and I look at the plate and I recall the price of them in my head :sigh: and really, I could just eat a whole bunch of them as a meal. How do you like your potstickers? Steamed or fried? I love mine fried! BEST. WAY. EVER! You knew I would say that because I am from the south. Given the choice, it’s ALWAYS fried!

I received this recipe years ago from a co-worker in Texas. I do not remember her name. I remember that this was her recipe. She brought some to work for a potluck and that was it. She had me with “Here’s the soy to go with it.” This is a dish where you really need to wait to get started until the Things are not under foot. Especially if you are frying these. Is it worth the time to make these? Absolutely! You make so many at once you can freeze them in batches and pull them out for your meals when you want them. Everyone, I do mean everyone at the table ate them! This is the good stuff, trust me!

Hold on to your hats because I am going to fly through this. It’s nap time at my house and I want some down time myself before we begin the afternoon routine.

What you need:

1 lb ground pork

Chinese Cabbage (I used regular uncooked cabbage and I blended it in my food processor)– I probably used 1/4 of a small head of cabbage.

Carrots (I used 2 and placed them in my food processor)

Ginger root (I got the real thing, not the powder)– about 2 tbsp of grated Ginger

Gyoza wraps (I couldn’t find them at Publix so I grabbed Won Ton Wraps)

Basil to taste

Pepper to taste

1 egg and a few drops of cold water mixed together (your glue to hold the wrapper shut)

oil for frying

Soy for dipping

Start with the Ginger. Snap off half of the root you purchased. You won’t use the whole root so no sense in peeling the whole root just yet. Grab your potato peeler and start peeling the skin off of the root. Then grate the root with a cheese grater into a large bowl. I probably grated about 2 tbsp of Ginger. Add your carrots (chop these up very small. I cheated and placed mine in my food processor for a few rounds), raw pork, cabbage and spices in with your Ginger and mix really well. I used my hands. It should look something like this.

Now we are ready to start filling the wrappers. Here is a picture of the Won Tons that I purchased.

Grab a stack out of your pack and create an assembly line: bowl of filling, wrappers and a clean space to place your uncooked pot stickers.

Take one wrapper and lay it out so one corner is at the top and one corner is at the bottom.

Add your filling keeping in mind you will need to pinch the edges closed so don’t put too much in there. The less you fill them the quicker they cook and you want the meat cooked so be careful not to overfill.

Brush the sides of the wrapper with your egg water mixture and fold one end of the wrapper over the other and crimp it shut with your fingers. Picture below is of the fold.

Gently brush your egg/water mixture on the pot sticker and set aside and fill the rest.

Mine doesn’t look nearly as elegant as someone who makes these completely from scratch. I have seen them in a beautiful tear drop shape nicely crimped. That’s ok. It’s all about the taste for me as I perfect these babies 🙂

When you are ready, you may either steam them or you can fry them in a frying pan until they are brown on each side. When adding the oil, you want just enough oil to creep up to the sides of the pot sticker. Watch the sides of the pot sticker. When they turn brown, you know it’s time to flip them.

This is what they will look like when they come out.

I probably made about 50 of them. They were SO GOOD! The Things shared my love for them and The Man was just simply impressed because I made them. I served mine with a small dish of soy. Enjoy!


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