Chive Chicken

At the end of our summer, three weeks ago, I purchased something that I had hoped would help make my life easier around supper time. I rely on my slow cooker to get me through the meals that I just don’t have the energy to cook. I wanted something that would help me throw a meal together in a jiffy. I finally purchased the Presto Electric Skillet that I referred to this past spring in my blog post about the Chicken Marsala. Galit used it to whip up supper for our families. I haven’t been disappointed a bit. I’m not affiliated any way (nor is Galit) with this skillet. I am just sharing my delight about this purchase. I have used it to make ribs, chicken, Kale, Sausage, and Lentil dish and we made some pancakes for the whole family this weekend with it. That really saved us time!

I am mentioning it because I used it to make the Chive Chicken dish. This dish is my creation so I don’t have to reference anyone 🙂 It was quick, good and the best part was the chives came straight from the garden in my backyard.

Chive Chicken

What you need:

‎4 chicken breasts halved and pounded with a meat mallet

2 carrots, sliced to about 1/2″ pieces

a handful of fresh chives chopped

Emeril’s Essence (this is my new favorite seasoning!) about 2 tbsp

8 cups of water and 2 Chicken Bullion cubes

Olive oil (About 2 tbsp)

First, make sure to get some good tunes going on you Pandora. Get your Things dancing. Do a jig. Let them look at you like your crazy… Retreat quickly and get going in the kitchen. Let’s start with your seasoning. Mix Emeril’s Essence with your olive oil, chicken, sliced carrots & chives in large bowl. Inhale, exhale. One more time for good measure. It smells so good, right?! Take a quick break to belt out a tune. Again endure the non- enthused stares from your Things. Let that sit covered in your fridge (like a marinade) for about 45 minutes. Just when you think you can no longer take it without having a snack, turn your skillet to 350 and brown your meat. I am seriously working up an appetite over here. Alright, it’s time to remove your chicken. Be sure to leave behind your carrots. We want those things cooked! Add about 8 cups of water with 2 Chicken Bullion cubes. I gave up buying chicken stock a while back. It’s much cheaper this way. Let your broth come to a slow boil and scrape the brown bits from your chicken from the bottom of your skillet. Boil (pronounced bowl) down about 1/2 of your liquid.  Add chicken back to skillet & cook through.

When serving, use a slotted spoon and serve the chicken and carrots. I served mine with a side of cabbage. If you want to use the juice you can make some rice and spoon the juice over that!

I made an award- winning pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup with our left over chicken. It WAS the best pot I’ve made. (I know, that’s what we said in my post about the soup, but this bowl topped the last!)


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