Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Fall. When fall arrives what are your favorite things? Mine is a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the smell of pumpkin in my home, freshly baked bread, apple cider and caramel apples… then there is the small addiction to candy corn. Since we are just on the verge of fall, I wanted to share this recipe. Jana, from Just Makin’ It mentioned it in her Crock- pot French toast post, but I wanted to draw your attention to this recipe because it was so good. We have thoroughly enjoyed this bread. Everyone liked this bread. It fills your kitchen with the wonderful scent of cinnamon as it bakes away.

Here is the recipe : Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I followed the recipe for the dough.

When you get to step 4 on your recipe, it suggests you use 2 tbsp ground cinnamon. I changed this to 2 soup spoons of cinnamon. I wanted that extra touch in my bread. You will have some sugar and cinnamon left over. After rolling your bread, dump your cinnamon sugar mixture on a pice of wax paper and roll your bread into that goodness. No need to let it go to waste. Place them in your oven.

I took my bread out after almost 30 minutes. They were ready and any longer would have burned them (the sugar and cinnamon coating on the outside affected my bake time).

They were delicious!

This is just one of those recipes that you will just want to have in your recipe box for those days that you need a nice cup of coffee and some cinnamon bread toast with melted butter.


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