Homeschooling: Little Passports in Brazil

If you are keeping up with us and ordered Little Passports you should have received Brazil.

The Things didn’t waste any time opening up their package. They crammed into one chair with excitement tearing it open.

Finally, the moment of truth.. all this build up… would it be as cool as I thought it would be? Check out Thing 1’s face.

They are looking at a photo of an uakari monkey. It’s all in the details. That is what separates the good from the great. So I flipped the photo over and wouldn’t you know it, they have imprinted the back of the photo with a time stamp and LP Brazil Photo. Awesome.

The Things move on to the letter from Sofia and Sam.

Then Thing 1 finds the amethyst. Nice touch, Little Passports!

Thing 2 has claimed this treasure from the mines of Maraba.

We get a stamp for our passport.

We talked about Brazil and we got started on our Brazilian themed supper. I made a Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff. It’s not per se Brazilian, but is a favorite dish over there according to the writer of the Maria’s Cookbook. I made this knowing full well they probably wouldn’t like it and I was ok with that. I just wanted them to help me make it and try it. That was all that I asked. So we worked together and threw the chicken with the dry spices in the slow cooker.

We let that cook away during the day while we did our school work. We took a swim to break up the school work. We checked out our pumpkins growing in our garden.

Finally it was time to get dessert ready for after supper. We decided to make a Brazilian dessert my friend, Rebekka Drago suggested, called Brigadeiro.

Just look at what the ingredients are!

Yum! So we made it and let it cool. While it was cooling, I introduced the Things to Pandora ๐Ÿ™‚

We looked up Brazilian music and played it in the back ground while I showed them pictures of Brazil.

Thing 1 was in awe of how beautiful Brazil is.

We looked up their seal because we had just learned about our country’s seal and I wanted to show Thing 1 that each country has a different seal.

Finally our dessert was cool enough for me to finish making. I rolled the mixture into small balls then rolled those balls into two different mixtures: powdered sugar and coconut.

These were a hit at our dinner table! I let them try one of each. Then I took them outside right after dinner to let them run out that energy while I watered the garden.

This was the dinner. See my back up plan in the back ground ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet potato fries and Mickey chicken nuggets.

They tried it, I tried it… we agreed to let it be a try and not a repeat ๐Ÿ™‚ The Brigadeiro, now that is a different story. That was some kind of good!

I can not wait to see what country we receive this month from Sam and Sofia. I am so glad I added this to our curriculum. This was a fun lesson!

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Disclosure: All opinions are based on my own experience. This post does contain Affiliate links.


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling: Little Passports in Brazil

  1. I saw your post on mentioned on little passports and I came over to check it out. We are at the same package set. On top of it, I homeschool too and we are doing a unit on Brazil right now. Everything you did looks great. I am definetly going to try that dessert recipe. The boys have a baking lesson that they need to do something for.

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