Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday. Why am I so happy? Because it feels like fall outside. I am giddy with excitement. I know I have been MIA on the blog lately. One of our Things had to have the tonsils and adenoids removed so I focused all of my attention on that little Thing. In other news I have begun sewing and crafting again.

I made a spider bow for Thing 1.

I finished her fall outfit, complete with matching bows.

I made the other two Things some matching pj’s from Super Man fabric.

And I finally got around to adding an owl to the matching shirt for the pj’s I made for Thing 1.

I am so excited for this holiday season in our new home and am in a season of Thanksgiving right now spiritually. I feel very blessed to home school and be a mother to 3 very wonderful Things.

Here is our menu plan for the next two weeks. I going with some hearty meals this go around because it’s fall. However, we will be making some changes in our diet after this menu plan. We are trying to move toward more plant-based food. I have had the hardest time finding recipes that sound good to me. If you have some you would like to share, please post below.

1.) Lasagna and garlic bread
2.) Roast and potatoes
3.) Pulled pork, mac and cheese
4.) Get Yo’ Man Chicken and Rice
5.) Greek Pasta, Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes
6.) Chicken and Greek Potatoes
7.) Fondu (date night at home)
8.) Lentil Soup
9.) Braised chicken and artichokes
10.) Burgers and fries
11.) Chili
12.) Chicken bog
13.) Chicken and dumplings, corn bread
14.) Apple pie pork chops


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