Star War’s Birthday Party: Part 1 the cake

This post is exciting for me. Why, because it’s all about Star Wars. I, myself, am not a fanatic, per sey, but the Things and the man definitely are. As the man’s birthday approached the Things and I started brain storming about what theme to go with. We always do birthdays big in our family. The Things really enjoy it and usually it’s just the five of us celebrating so we want to make it extra special. We look forward to making a big fuss over someone’s birthday. This one was no different. Finally everyone decided on a theme, Star Wars. However, we told the man it was going to be pirates again. We did Pirates last year. Little did he know what was in store.

I searched and searched and combed the internet for the perfect cake. Just as I was about to give up (stacked cakes with dow sticks gave me a headache to just look at) my friend Allison, posted a picture of an R2D2 cake that was spectacular. She tried it out for her son, Jack. After trading a few emails and tips, I decided I could make it happen. I started 3 days before the party. The man was out of town the week of his birthday so this worked out SO nicely. I had lots of time to prepare everything without him catching sneak peeks. Now that I have decorated a cake or two I knew better than to cut it close. Too much stress.

So the original creation came from here.

Here is what mine looked like step by step.

These are the 3 9×13’s.

The head and bottom.

Split in half.

The  head and bottom doubled and assembled.

At this point I froze it for 24 hours. I put it in my deep freezer. The next morning I realized that I did not like the body. It was too long so I took a good bit off the arms and body. I am sorry I didn’t get that shot but you can look at the end result and eye- ball how much I took off.

I used a boxed decorating icing from Joanne’s to start with. I knew from pervious experience making sure that the bottom layer of icing is not too soft matters.

For the actual decorating of the cake, I used the canned version for the blue. I knew it would be easier. For the rest of the cake and colors, I purchased almost 3 pounds of butter cream icing from Publix ($5) and used food coloring to make the rest of my colors.

I had a mini- R2D2 as my guide and I just started with the blue. I thought it would easier to start with that and go from there.

Then I moved onto the gray. Let me give you a quick tip that I quickly learned. Because I am frugal and stubborn, I used freezer bags and just bought the tips. Last time I decorated a cake I had a hard time keeping the icing in the bag. When I was at Joanne’s I saw these bag grippers that looked like rubber bands… so what did I do? You got it, I used rubber bands at the end of my bags to keep the icing in. Worked like a charm!!

Along the way, Thing 2 would stop what he was doing to come in and inspect the cake and let me know what I needed to add. He was very critical. I loved it! He helped make the cake so much better than I originally thought I could make it.

About this time, I started to get super excited!

I filled in the rest of the body with the plain buttercream and put my finishing touches on. Once it was done, it went back into the freezer for another 24 hours until the man came home from his business trip to celebrate his birthday.

Y’all I was super excited that I made this cake!! The Things were so excited for the man to see it as well. I will tell you more about his reaction to everything in another post. This is part one of the Star War’s birthday theme. I plan to blog the Jedi Robe tutorial, Chewbacca cookies, storm trooper pops, light saber pretzels, light saber napkins, and R2D2 cups.

Stay tuned!


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