Star Wars Birthday Party: Part 2 The Jedi Robe

Halloween is coming up. The Man and Thing 2 want everyone to be a Star Wars character for Halloween. Finding a costume to fit the 6’4″ man is not easy. He has asked me for years to make him something. I found this tutorial years ago for a Jedi robe but at the time I wasn’t brave enough to try it. Whoever came up with this tut, THANK YOU!!! I am much more confident at my sewing abilities now and just went for it. Remember the man was not home (he was away on business) the week of his birthday so I had to whip this thing up without him as a guide. I am gong to go ahead and apologize now for the quality of my pictures. This was done late at night when the Things were asleep so I could focus on what I was doing. Trying to capture great photos at night when you are tired with soft lighting never works but at least you will have some idea how I did this. Let me re-assure you as well that this did not take hours to make. I think I had the robe made in about 30-45 minutes. I was flying through my stitches and just getting it done because I was exhausted. I made Thing 3’s robe the next day while the Things ate lunch (so about 20- 30 minutes).

Here is how I made the Jedi Robe that made him smile! To my knowledge, there are no other blogs with the step by step pictures of this tutorial. I looked because I needed them myself. Hope this helps everyone.

For the 6’4″ man I want to say I purchased about 5 yards of dark brown fabric for the robe. I got the widest, cheapest stuff that they had. This is what it looked like (folded length wise) stretched out across my floor.

Because this was all a surprise I needed to improvise how I was going to make the robe look right and fit right on him. This was my solution.

I made my cuts for the arms. It doesn’t need to be perfect. After all, he will just be thrilled it fits!

Time to sew. I used a basic stitch.

Started on one corner and just guided it through.

Now that the sides and arms are sewn together. It’s time to get ready to cut the front. Here is what mine looked like right before the cut.

Then I just cut straight up the middle.

For the opening of the robe, I used a zig zag stitch. I was afraid that if I didn’t the fabric would fray. I know it’s not “authentic looking” but since this will be used a few times it’s more important for it to hold up.

Onto the hood.

I opted for the 16″ by 32″ version.

After sewing and turning it inside out, it should look like this.

Now to attach it. Be sure your seam matches the center of the back of the robe. I pin from the center and work my way out to the ends.

I used a basic stitch for this.

Ye-Haw! Follow the instructions for the Tunic and you are done!! I had just enough fabric left over to make Thing 3 a Jedi robe as well!! The man was beyond thrilled at this! Now everyone (except me, which is my wish) has a Star Wars costume for Halloween!

The day of his party, he came home from work and it was POURING outside. He didn’t have an umbrella so he tried to wait it out in the driveway for a few minutes. The Things were all dressed up and were dying for him to come inside for his party. Finally, we worked out a plan over the cell phone where I would have towels waiting for him and a gift at the front door. When he opened his gift he was confused (it was the Jedi robe and tunic). He said, “I don’t understand.” Remember he thought we were doing a pirate party. I explained this was his costume for the party. “I don’t look like a pirate… what is this??” I ignored him and showed him how to wear the tunic and led him into the kitchen where he saw the Things, the cake and the table and it hit him. He was like a child at Christmas. The Things were ecstatic. Thing 2 took off his mask several times because he wasn’t sure The Man knew he was not really Darth Vader. The memory of watching The Man’s face change as he realized what was going on was worth every single bit of effort we put into his birthday. Look at the picture above. They are all oozing with excitement!


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