Homeschooling: Little Passports in Japan

I saw on Facebook that the new packages were sent out on the 12th. I am so excited to see what country we will be learning about next. We got Japan last month and we had a great time learning about Japan. The Thing’s excitement hasn’t waned a bit. They nestled into a spot in the game room and began tearing open the package.

Thing 1 pulled out a package of Origami paper. I was VERY excited about this project! In my usual fashion, I flipped over the package… yep, made in Japan.

While everything we get may not come from the actual country that we are studying, it was still very cool that the eraser & Origami paper did. It makes the experience a little more special.

This (sorry about the out of focus picture) was by far Thing 1’s favorite item in the package. A sushi roll eraser! It’s so funny that they sent that in the package because we were learning about plants that live in the ocean this week in Biology. She learned about Seaweed and the different colors that it can be. Then, we ended up eating Sushi rolls. I love how this is all tying together with our other school lessons.

The Things have decided to take turns with the the packages. Thing 2 got to keep Brazil’s goodies and passport marker. Thing 1 keeps Japan’s.

The pins for the map go onto one map so we can keep them all together.

I like that they are sharing the loot and excited about learning.

They get so excited about the pictures. Thing 1 has a cork board at her desk. We are planning to pin all of them to it once we get a few more!

We did our Origami on Friday which is our art day. I was a little nervous. The package comes with lots of paper and instructions for different shapes. I knew the Things would be disappointed if I couldn’t help them figure it out. I just dove right in. The cat was the one that Thing 2 picked out. It was super cute. We ended up using sequins and a pompom for the eyes and nose.

Thing 1 picked out a crown. This one was a bit harder. We ended up starting over once or twice but finally got it.

We now have mad skilz in Origami. We are available for hire at your next birthday party. Email me for rates 🙂

I had real intentions of making Dessert Sushi with Sweedish Fish for the kids. I may still make it happen. At the end of the school year, I am thinking of having a party themed around the countries we studied. I may serve these then. Today, my friend Rebekka Drago asked if I had finished teaching about the food portion of Japan and she sent me the link to these Chicken Salad Sushi Rolls. Again, we may still make these. If so, I will update this post.

We ended up going out for Sushi. I wanted the kids to see how it’s made. Also, The Man and I really LOVE Sushi. Thing 1 and Thing 2 sat at the bar and watched the art of sushi making unfold. Thing 2 took the next two photos. He was really into the whole sushi experience.

Our sushi arrived. We ordered the Things some cucumber rolls not knowing how into sushi they were going to be.

Thing 1 ended up really liking Tempura. Yes, well, I saw that coming.

Thing 2 said, “No way! ” When asked if he was ready to try the sushi. Ha, I also saw this coming from my hot dog & chicken nugget loving little guy.

Also, I just realized Thing 1 is wearing the same dress in two of the posts about Little Passports. It’s her favorite dress. I guess it’s her new signature Little Passport outfit 🙂 Get yours at a Target near you. More to come next week about changes I have made to our curriculum this year and some growing I had to do as a teacher and mom.

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Disclosure: All opinions are based on my own experience. This post does contain Affiliate links.


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