Star Wars Birthday Party: Part 5 Lightsaber napkins and R2D2 Drink cups

I really am glad this mom over at created these and made them available to print for free. This would have taken me forever to create myself. I was so excited to find these two free print outs.

Click here for the free printable R2D2 cups. To make the cups, buy some styrofoam cups with lids, print the free printable on paper, cut it out and tape it to the cups and lids. The original creator of these printable actually printed these to labels and stuck them to the cup that way, but I was going for easy and quick.

Click her for the free Lightsaber file. To make the lightsabers, cut out the lightsaber handles. Roll a napkin, tape the ends of the lightsaber handle together and stick the rolled napkin inside. You could also place silverware in the napkin.

This concludes the Star Wars themed party posts. I hope that you have enjoyed them! The man has told me several times since his birthday that was his favorite birthday party. The kids still talk about it.


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