Star Wars Birthday Party Part 4: Chewbacca cookies

Oh my goodness. Next to the cake, these cookies were my favorite. I love  coconut and I love chocolate chip cookies. Put them together and I am a happy girl. I saw these over at Iced Jems and had to make them. She made hers into Wookie Cookies. I made mine Chewbacca cookies. We differ a little in the ingredients but either way you make them they will be GOODNESS in your mouth.

Here is what you will need for these sumptuous additions to your Star Wars themed party.

In Iced Jem’s original post, she made her chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Since I had been single parenting it that week, I took the easy way out. I used Chips Ahoy! If you choose to make your own cookies, share your favorite recipe with us!

First spread some Nutella on your chocolate chip cookies. Iced Jem used pure chocolate. I am a Nutella fan so I went straight for the good stuff.

Next we need to dye our coconut brown so it will look like Chewbacca’s brown fur. To dye the coconut, mix some cocoa powder and water in a bowl and mix until it becomes paste- like. In a zip lock bag add your coconut. Pour your brown paste into the bag of coconut and shake. Then pour the mixture onto a clean plate.

This is what mine looked like.

Now lay your cookie into the coconut (Nutella side down) and press it a little to make sure that the coconut sticks to the Nutella on your cookie.

Using black gel add your eyes and mouth.

This is how mine turned out.

Aren’t these just so awesome? Trust me, they taste really good! These were a very big hit with the kids. Thing 2 was very excited about these cookies.

Tomorrow I am going to wrap up the Star Wars Themed Birthday posts with the free print outs for the R2D2 cups and Lightsaber napkins. Next week I plan to focus on homeschooling and our trip. Have a fabulous Thursday!


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