Homeschooling: Out with old and on with the new

We are in that part of the school year where you have figured out what is working for you and what isn’t. In our Abekka curriculum we found that the seat work portion for writing was entirely too much and pointless (for us). Thing 1’s cursive is beautiful. In fact, her’s is noticeably better than mine. All of that unnecessary practice was torturing her and frustrating the both of us so we just dumped it. I have been listening via cd to some of Kendra Fletcher’s presentations over at Preschoolers and Peace. This Godly woman has been such an inspiration to me. She is a true Proverb’s 31 woman. I have been able to use several of her ideas in our home to keep and restore order. One of the ideas that I got from her was to use practical writing. After talking with the man, we decided to move forward with this idea…. So what is it? Very simply put, Thing 1 is writing her way through the Bible. Every day she adds a new verse in her notebook. We started at Genesis 1:1.

Our plan is that she will do this for the rest of her time in our home. As she gets older we will increase the amount of writing but for now, a verse a day. We are hoping that by the time she leaves our home she will have written the entire Bible by hand. We have plans to laminate and keep each page so that she can take it with her when she leaves. The new method of practicing handwriting has inspired her and given her purpose. She understands the goal and understands why we are doing this. She is excited about writing again and that to me, is priceless.


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