Menu Plan Monday

I know, I know. I slacked off last week. We had a busy week in homeschool. Tuesday we went to the park with our co- op & on Friday we went orange picking. We had a blast! Here’s Thing 2 picking his first orange.


Thing 1 picking hers.


And Thing 3 decided picking was a waste of time.


My Things came home ready to devour the fruit of their labor. We had a great day!

Here’s our menu plan for the next 2 weeks including our Thanksgiving menu. I try to cook easy meals the week of Thanksgiving because I break my cooking up into 3 days. Tuesday will be dessert. Wednesday will be sides. Thursday is the Turkey & anything that couldn’t be prepared ahead of time.

1.) Hotdogs & sweet potato fries
2.) Roast & mashed potatoes
3.) Pioneer Woman’s Calzones
4.) Hot Ham & cheese sandwiches with potato wedges.
5.) Baked chicken & rice with broccoli
6.) Pork chops, black eyed peas & homemade Mac & cheese
7.) Pizza
8.) Homemade vegetable soup
9.) slow cooker ribs with leftover Mac & cheese
10.) Oven fried chicken, cabbage &steamed squash & onions
11.) Grilled basil chicken, seasoned potatoes with grilled eggplant
12.) slow cooker potato soup
13.) Cajun chicken fetuccini
14.) Thanksgiving:
Brie with apples & bread
Main Course:
Turkey, stuffing, gravy, Pioneer woman’s Garlic mashed potatoes, green beans with ham, rolls.
Pecan Pie (pronounced pee can because I’m from the south)
The man’s favorite pumpkin bars


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