Christmas Gifts: The $1 Doll Knit Hat and Scarf set

It’s that time of year. I had my Things go through all the magazines and pick out what they wanted for Christmas and then star their top 3 must haves. Thing 1 picked through the American Girl magazine. I think she circled almost every item in it. Today I am going to share with you the tutorial I used to make her dolls scarf and hat. It did only cost me a dollar because I purchased a purple knit hat from Wal-Mart for that price.

I found the tutorial here: Doll Scarf and Hat

I had enough left over for one more set. If you have 2 daughters, only buy one knit hat.

This was my finished product.

I think I am going to sew a jumbo pompom on the top of it. I also had the idea of making a scarf out of some zebra women’s socks. If I make them I will update this post with a picture.

Happy Sewing!


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