Book Review: Unexpected Dismounts

Unexpected Dismounts by Nancy Rue
Reviewed by Tara Norman,
Genre: Christian, Fiction
Publisher: David C Cook
Publication Dates: 2011

Unexpected Dismounts by Nancy Rue, is book two in the The Reluctant Prophet Series about Allison Chamberlain, a prophet who receives “Nudges” from God to reform drug addicted prostitutes. Unexpected Dismounts takes Allison Chamberlain on a new journey where she may have to admit in a court of law that she is crazy in order to keep her son, Desmond. Her choice will not only have an impact on her life, but the sisters at Sacrament House, Desmond and her role as a prophet.

Allison’s story made me weak in the knees. As I journeyed with Allison through the back alley’s of St. Augustine, Florida to save young women’s lives my heart raced with motorcycle accidents, dirty cops and “Satan” trying to steal Desmond. Allison starts to feel like maybe she wasn’t the one who was supposed to be the prophet. She tries to take matters into her own hands to solve her problems. Those who support her recognize her self-preservation technique and quickly call her out on it. Allison’s Nudges turn into labor pains as she discovers God pain, her pain and her son’s pain. She realizes what it feels like to love and be loved by a man. Something that we discover Allison has not done in a long time. Nancy teases us with romance between Allison and Chief. Just when I thought Nancy was getting ready to wrap up the story I had legs like jello as another surprise pops into Allison’s life. Allison’s calling is not for the faint of heart.

Nancy kept this book very real. At first I thought I was going to have a hard time identifying with the plot but Nancy describes things in such vivid detail that I casted each character in my head. If this book makes it to a television series (which I think it would be a great drama series) I have your characters picked out for you. Unexpected Dismounts portrays broken lives that had hit hard bumps in life but with God’s help, getting back up and on the harley was not impossible. Through the character of Allison Chamberlain we see that no matter where we came from or what we came from, God can use us in powerful ways to edify His Kingdom. I am hoping that Nancy will finally put Chief and Allison together in the next book. I would love to see what those accomplish together!

*Rated PG-13.

*Review Copy Provided by David C Cook Thank you.

I received a copy of this book to review but was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations.


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