Homeschool: Chemistry Lab Acids and Bases

In Chemistry, we have learned about acids and bases (we are using Real Science-4- Kids by Dr. R. W. Keller) and how to look for a reaction: bubbles, color change, or temperature changes. A friend sent me a blog post from another homeschooling mama, Frugal Fun For Boys, who did this lab and I was so excited to do it with the Things. It didn’t involve building a volcano. My hands on learner (Thing 2) really enjoys the labs and am amazed at how quickly he will memorize something if he takes part in it. Let’s get started.

You will need a balloon, an empty water bottle, baking soda and vinegar.


First pour vinegar into an empty water bottle.

Next stretch out the balloon and pour baking soda into the mouth of the balloon with a spoon.
Then place the balloon back onto the water bottle without spilling any of the baking soda into the bottle.
Then shake the balloon so that the baking soda spills into the bottle with the vinegar in it. They were so amazed (literally eyes wide and mouths opened) as the base (baking soda) and acid (vinegar) reacted by creating a gas. They saw the reaction when bubbles formed and the balloon inflated.
I then tied off the balloon and we inflated another balloon and tossed the two around and noted the difference in the way they fell to the ground, bounced in your hands, and rolled on the floor.
Great lab and the Things really got a kick out of seeing a reaction first hand. I enjoyed this and was once again blessed as I saw the light bulb turn on inside their heads and watched them get excited about what they had just saw.

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