Homeschooling: Little Passports in France

Little Passports

Ahhh, France. I was so very excited we got France from Little Passports this month in the mail. It’s Thing 2’s turn to keep a country. So he got to open the envelope.

We got a great poster.

There are so many things that pop into my mind when I think of France. I started showing the Things about France through a board I added ~ France board ~ in my Pnterest. Then,we got in the car as a family and went to France.

Sortof. We went to France in Epcot. As soon as we got there I pointed out the ornament with France’s flag.

We learned about Notre Dame de Paris and it’s rose windows. For those who want to teach on this:

~ The Gothic windows are 42 feet in diameter and of the three original windows, only one still remains in tact.

~The remaining window supports 1300 sq feet of glass and has for 700 years.

~The designer’s name was Jean de Chelle.

~ The two other windows were destroyed in the French Revolution.

~ The rose window is featured in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Next we looked at the details about the Western Facade.

We watched a 15 minute film about France. The Things really enjoyed seeing different places in France. They asked a lot of questions.

You can’t talk about France without talking about the good food! So we headed over to the Chefs De France for some French food.

The Things tried everything we ordered.

French Onion Soup topped with Gruyere.

Assiette de fromages de France (imported cheese platter). My favorite was the Chevre.

A la flamme Alsacienne. Our favorite! Thing 2 and 3 weren’t fond of the onion.

Thing one eating a bite of bread.

Dessert. The part that I was excited about. We ordered Profiteroles au chocolate. YUM! This was gone in no time.

As we were eating, our chef, Ratatouille,  came out to check on us.

Thing 1 asked if he was real. He looked at her like she was crazy and asked if she was real.

No trip to France would be complete if the kids didn’t try French lemonade.

To wrap up our lesson we will be reading the French fairy tale,  Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, known in English as, Little Red Riding Hood.

I see that we got Egypt in the mail for this month. I am already thinking up some ideas!

Until next time, au revoir, salut, à la prochaine, à bientôt.

Disclosure: All opinions are based on my own experience. This post does contain Affiliate links.


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