Homeschooling: Little Passports in Egypt

Egypt came in the mail right before Christmas. It was a great lesson to end with before Christmas break. We got to excavate an Egyptian pyramid for an ancient artifact.

Thing 1 started the excavation with such enthusiasm. She was chipping, and hammering and scraping. I saw her little hands were getting tired so I took a turn. Great way to get out frustration. We kept at it for a while .

Then an idea came to me…

Yep. I did submerge it in water. We were able to dig out our artifact in no less than 5 minutes!

Thing 1 was so excited. As soon as her daddy walked in from work she showed him her prize.

We worked on the worksheet together and learned some really interesting things that even I didn’t realize until I looked at the map.

We also went to this website and printed out some fun coloring pages and puzzles.

I didn’t get around to introducing any food this time. We opened the package the day before school ended for us and by that time I was very busy with Christmas preparations.

Right now we are doing Australia!! We are working on some cool stuff over here right now! I can’t wait to share the pictures! Stay tuned!

Disclosure: All opinions are based on my own experience. This post does contain Affiliate links.


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