My December… A Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

December was a long, big emotional month for our family.

It started with a visit from a friend/brother from far away, Sweden.

There was wedding dress shopping in Texas and the meeting of new family to be. 

The loss of another tooth for Thing 1!

Caught the Nutcracker Ballet with my favorite girl.

A Florida beach wedding for another part of the family.

A long over due date with my hot man!

Yea, he took me to the magic 🙂

A visit from another brother.

Teaching my first- born to ride her bike without training wheels. I cried.

More family.

A 20 pound turkey.

Last, but certainly not least, my sweet boy turned 4! I cried, again.

This year has had its ups and downs. Through it all He provided, took care of, gave exceedingly, blessed us beyond measure and gave me grace abundantly. I look back over the last year and am blessed. Blessed. I have a wonderful husband and I have 3 Blessings God gave me. To Him be the Glory.


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