Menu Plan Monday

1) Homemade vegetable soup with salad

2) Chili with oyster crackers and salad

3) Slow Cooker chicken and dumplings

4) Falafel, humus with pita chips and salad

5) Chicken tortilla soup and salad

6) Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Buns

7) Pork chops, roasted cabbage, mac and cheese with fruit salad

The Things Lunch Menu:

1) Turkey and swiss pin wheels, pretzels, cucumber, oyster crackers

2) Peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, apple and pear slices, fig newtons, yogurt

3) Peanut butter and honey sandwich, crackers with sliced cheese, cucumber and carrot stars

4) Turkey and swiss sandwich, fruit salad, 1 oatmeal muffin, pretzels

5) Peanut butter and jelly, apple and pear slices, yogurt, chex mix

6) Tortilla chips and cheese, fruit salad (bag of frozen blue berries, 1 can of pineapple, 1 can of mandarin oranges, apples if you have them on hand. My Things went through 1 bag of apples in 4 days so I am out again.)

7) Bagel with cream cheese, cucumber and carrots (made into a snowman face)

I whipped up two muffin pans of these oatmeal muffins for breakfast this week. These have been Thing tested and approved.  Click here for the recipe. I made a batch with banana & chocolate chips for this week and the kids have requested that I make strawberry and bananas for next week. Make them when you have time and freeze them in freezer bags so you have them on hand for morning breakfast.



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