Homeschooling: Little Passports in Australia

Little Passports

G’day, mate! We explored Australia this past month. There were so many interesting things to learn about when it came to Australia. We  have a cousin living in Australia and he allowed us to use some of his pictures for our study of Australia!

Here are some that he shared with us.

Red Kangaroos

He said they were using their tails to stand as they kick boxed each other.

I started to touch on the normal curriculum for Australia: boomerangs and kangaroos. However, there are so many different facts that I really wanted to focus on this time. With a little research, I found a free lap book study on Australia and customized it to what I wanted the Things to learn about. It turned out super cool!! Click here for the link that will take you to the lap book print outs. You may have to sign up (free) to gain access to the free print outs, but it’s worth the very few bothersome emails that I receive about curriculum at a discount.

This is the cover of the lap book. The “book” itself is a regular sized file folder.

As you open the book, this is the left side of the book.

We studied:

  • Flag of Australia
  • Where Australia is on a map
  • What continent Australia was on (we hadn’t studied continents yet so I went ahead and introduced the 7 continents to her)
  • A fact book about Koalas (habitat, appearance, diet, predators and other facts)

This is also of the left side of the book with the tabs lifted up. She did a lot of work on this!

This is a photo of the right side of the book.

We also studied:

  • What time it is Australia versus Florida
  • Common words in Australian. Ankle biter was her favorite phrase.
  • Studied the difference between herbivores carnivores and did a little exercise where Thing 1 had to look up 4 different animals from her Australian Animals pack and figure out which they were.
  • We also studied 7 different Australian animals

This is what the left side looks like with the tabs opened.

We did one last exercise is this lesson. I wanted the Things to learn about the Great Barrier Reef. After all, Sam and Sofia sent us a picture of it!

We saved this project for Australia Day which was January 26th. The Things had so much fun with this.

We used a shoe box, shells from our last beach trip, fish the Things cut out and colored with crayons, and a reef that they cut out. The Things painted the box using blue finger paint. That was all that I had on hand and it turned out fine. We found this cool craft at this website. They had a lot of great ideas if you are looking for further reinforcement when studying about Australia.

Here is a beautiful video of the Great Barrier Reef, check it out! The Things loved this!

I didn’t make anything to eat from Australia. I am still hoping we can find an Outback close by. After all, it is for educational purposes.Who am I kidding, I just want to go to Outback and this is a good excuse! See you next month when we talk about Mexico!

Today is the last day to receive 10% off of a new subscription. You can look at the link at the top for the code! Next stop with Sam and Sofia is Mexico! We can not wait to get cooking literally for this lesson!

Disclosure: All opinions are based on my own experience. This post does contain Affiliate links.


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