Snacks for Things and helping them make the right choices

I have published my Thing’s menu lately, but I haven’t touched on what I do to make my life easier. Homeschooling pushed me to become more organized than usual because I need proper planning and organization to survive succeed. That is just the reality of how it is with me. I need the menu plans for dinner and lunch. I also need snack plans so that I can stay away from a lot of pre-packaged food. I do this trying to force the Things and myself to eat better. So today, I am sharing some things that I do and how my Thing’s snack drawer in the fridge looks. I am sure you momma’s have some great tips for me, please share at the bottom. I can use all the help I can get when it comes to healthy snacks and making the right snacks available to us.

A typical routine for me on Friday mornings is to go grocery shopping with the Things before school. We usually make it out before lunch and make it home at lunch time. I try to time it just right so that I can unload the groceries while they eat and when I am done, Thing 2 and Thing 3 go down for quiet time and nap and Thing 1 starts her school work. While that is happening, I am washing, slicing, baking and making snacks and sides for our menu.

When I buy fruit, before it gets put away, it gets washed with Environne. When I buy grapes, I pull every single grape off of the vine while I wash them.

Doing so allows the Things to grab a handful and go and I don’t have to worry about Thing 3 trying to eat a stem.

The strawberries are washed but not hulled. These are Thing 1’s favorite and usually the other two Things go for the grapes so I don’t bother.

After the fruit is washed, it is separated and placed in containers lined with paper towels (no lid) and placed in a special drawer with the Thing’s yogurt. Notice that all the yogurt is out of the box. I don’t put lids on the fruit and I take the yogurt out of the box and leave them on display so that they can see what is there. It allows the Things to have easy access without needing my help, helps me to see when we are running out and it saves me time when I am in a hurry, the grab and go method is our friend in this house.

Cheese is another big snack/side in our home. Thing 2 can go through a block in less than a week. I buy my cheese by the block because it is cheaper and I can get more out of it that way.

Before I put the cheese away I pre-slice it. This allows the Things easy access as well as a time saver for me when I am making lunches or snacks. Once it is sliced it goes in a sandwich bag and in the drawer with the rest of the cheeses. This is a snack that is not allowed in the Thing’s snack drawer because Thing 2 would eat a whole block by himself in one sitting if I didn’t watch him.

Cucumbers are also washed, sliced and placed in a container. I use these for salads, snacks, sandwiches and sides. Don’t laugh but there are 3 jugs of milk in the back ground of this picture. That is how much milk we go through in a week.

Apples and bananas are simply washed and placed in an easily accessible area for the Things. The Things do a drive by with the apples almost every day around 3:30.

Finally, a very quick, cheap, good snack that we all love is oyster crackers. We can polish off a freezer bag full in 2 days.

This batch has olive oil, 4 tbsp dry ranch seasoning, and dill.

My last tip for snacks is in the pantry.

On the occasion that I buy tortilla chips, veggie chips, pretzels, packs of raisins, yogurt covered raisins and so forth, they go in a plastic drink container at the bottom of the pantry. I keep all the other snacks in that container so that again, the Things have easy access and are not destroying my pantry while trying to find a snack.

This is my system and it works for us. It does take planning and time to prepare and get it ready, but in the end, well worth it. It also allows the Things to make choices and be self-sufficient during snack time. If you have some snack ideas or recipes, please share. You can do so by leaving a comment at the bottom!


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