Menu Plan Monday and some other stuff

I’m back, but not in full daily force. My plan is to blog once a week. For those who only follow the blog, we are expecting our 4th child in October. I quit blogging around the time the nausea became too much for me to handle. I decided to use the time away to think about my purpose for this blog. I guess you could say I experienced a bit of a blogging identity crisis the last few months. I started to wonder if my posts were having a negative affect on my readers. With all the buzz from mommy bloggers about how Pinterest and other’s blogs have made them feel inadequate, I didn’t want my blog to be numbered in that pile. My goal has always been to be helpful and I received a few comments here and there that made me feel as though I had set the bar too high for other moms. I do want my readers to know that I throughly enjoy to cook, sew, read and write… and I collect kids on the side. 🙂 I like to spend my time doing those things in the evenings when the Things are in bed. I am not perfect and we do have many bad days when a pizza is ordered or not a single thing gets done in homeschooling. I am a real mom just like all of you, who bribes my kids with TV to stay out of the kitchen for just 5 more minutes while I wrap up making supper. Maybe I have neglected the realness and reality of what it looks like behind the pictures and the neatly written posts. I’m not much for sharing when it comes to our personal life, because that’s just not me. I don’t often write meaningful or purposeful posts that allow others to mediate in the awesomeness (completely sarcastic) going on behind my thoughts, because I am not clever enough in my writing (or open enough) to share all of that. Only in times when I believe something strongly or am convicted have I swayed from my general fact giving type of posts. I will strive to paint the picture a little better from my view behind the computer so you can see the realness of what takes place behind the scenes in the Norman home.

That being said, my day was full of a cranky 2 year old, a hyper 4 year old and a sassy but helpful 7 year old. We have been cooped up for 48 hours in our home while this tropical storms moves out and we are all climbing the walls and ceilings. I scoured Pinterest looking for creative ideas this morning to keep them all busy and out of trouble. I succeeded. I will have to spend some additional time tonight looking up more ideas. If you have them, please share! I am desperate. We don’t do well being cooped up in a house all day for several days in a row.

On the homeschooling front, I have picked out my curriculum for next year.

Thing 2 (4k) is going to do straight Abeka and Classical Conversations with Thing 1. He read to me for the first time this week. That was a super huge moment for the two of us!!

Thing 1 (2nd grade)

Classical Conversations for History, Science, Bible, Latin, Art and Music with some English and Math memory work. I am so super excited about this program. I could dedicate an entire blog post writing about it, but won’t tonight.

Reading will be a combo of Sonlight books I ordered, one or two Abeka read alouds and library books to go with what we are learning about in Classical Conversations.

Writing, Language, Phonics, and Math will be Abeka. I switched maths this year. Singapore’s black and white pages and a few other things made for a messy teary-eyed experience. So, we are going to back to the colored pages of Abeka where she can build her confidence because their worksheets have so much variety that if she not as strong in one area of the page, she will still get a confidence boost from the next section. Maybe we will try again next year, but this year is about re-building her confidence in math.

Spanish- We are doing La Clase Divertida. Again, super excited about this program as the kids will know how to lead someone to the Lord in Spanish by middle/high school. This fits into our vision for our Things nicely as we hope they will be able to do mission trips as they get older.

We are starting our school year August 1st. I am schooling some through the summer with a focus on math and reading for both Things. I am ready to be back in full on school mode. I think they are too. We thrive on the structure of our school days. And… that’s about it.

Here’s our menu plan:

1) Chicken kabob and corn on the cob

2) Grilled chicken, pasta salad and roasted vegetables

3) Board dinner it is what you see


4) Slow cooker teriyaki chicken, roasted broccoli and rice

5) Confetti chicken pasta with spicy cream sauce

6) Chicken tortilla soup

Have a dry relaxing week!


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