Menu Plan Monday

The Things are in bed so I thought I would type up this post real quick. Today I had to take Thing 1 shopping again for new shoes. She is getting so tall. We went to Target to find some cute sandals and after 20 minutes of looking, found nothing. Then we tried Payless and Old Navy and came home defeated 2 hours later. I decided I am going to make her a few pairs of ribbon flip-flops to carry her through the summer. This will guarantee I get the colors I want to match her church and summer outfits, also they are super cheap to make. If there is interest, I’ll blog a tut.

Today I decided that I look like a bull frog when I sit down.

It was like 100 degrees in Target (not really, but to me it was) so I broke out in a full on sweat. This made me puff up and swell. Sweaty, swollen and pregnant is just not a good combo. All the while I was craving a frozen Mocanut drink from Starbucks. I sat down at least 4 times while Thing 1 tried on shoes. Amused by how whiny I was being about how hot I was, she grabbed a toy fan filled with candy and “cooled” me off. God love her, she tries.

Energy is not my friend these days. When the calendar showed 6 months along, energy packed up and left for the duration of the pregnancy. Exhaustion has moved in and so far we are not working together very well.

I had to start cooking supper in the mornings last week. It’s too hot and I’m too tired at night.

Thing 3 gave the nursery ladies a fit this morning so he got to sit in church with us. He was actually pretty good until the end when he thought it was time to change his diaper and proceeded to unload his book bag and hand out diapers and wipes. He was very put off that we wouldn’t do it right there. That was our que to take him out of the service.

I am planning to post one more blog about organizing for school this week.

We are making headway in our debt buster plan. I finished our budget spreadsheet for the year today and budgeted our Christmas gift money in there along with new tires, hospital bills for the newborn, & school supplies. I am excited because another debt should be paid off by October! We were debt free 2 years ago (minus our home). We had paid off almost $40k of debt. When the man left his job the year before last we accrued more debt and now have to start over again. The new and improved debt buster plan includes paying off college tuition for the 4 Things. We are thinking bigger this time and have more vision about what should happen after paying off the debt- like putting away  1 year’s worth of Paul’s salary in our savings.

I cheated on the poptart recipe tonight and use refrigerated pie crust instead.

Dinner menu:

1) Chicken tortilla soup

2) Baked fried chicken, roasted broccoli/cabbage & black-eyed peas

3) BLT’s and salad

4) Tacos, chips and guac

5) French toast

6) Chicken fajitas and rice

7) Board dinner (probably for the 4th)

Thing breakfast menu:



homemade poptarts


Things lunch menu:

Grilled cheese/ham, pretzels

Turkey  avocado tortilla wrap with tortilla chips

Fish sticks, pretzels and carrots with ranch

Mini pizzas on French bread

Ham and cheese tortilla pinwheels with pita chips

PB and J with pretzels

Things snack menu:

Fruit (pineapple, grapes, apples, blueberries, apples and bananas)

Cheese & crackers




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