Menu Plan Monday

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was good. I got a date night on Friday night!!

Because I am a foodie, I had to take a picture of our appetizer and dessert. We ate at Seasons 52. They are a health conscious restaurant. The price was very good. We got out of there for about $60 (tip not included). Below was their Garlic Chicken Flat bread. This was amazing. So thin and crispy. I expected the bread to become floppy and mushy with every bite because it was loaded down, but it didn’t. I want this recipe!

These were our desserts. Around $2 each. From left to right: German Chocolate Cake, a peanut butter chocolate dish, Pecan Pie, & Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cannoli. The pecan pie was hands down the best dessert out of the bunch!

I made boiled peanuts this weekend. I have been craving them but kept forgetting to buy the raw peanuts at the store. I got my fix of peanuts and sweet tea this weekend!

Tried some new water that a friend (Galit- she’s the best!) suggested to me. You know I am getting tired of water which is why I made this and finally had to have some iced tea. Can you believe the man made my iced tea! A whole pitcher and he got the sugar exactly right! I taught him well!

What’s in it you ask?

2 lemons, half a large cucumber and mint from our garden. We have half a raised bed full of mint!

Did some laundry last night to lighten my day today. This morning has been full. I am ready for a nap.

The boys feel as though any time one of them is on the floor the other MUST jump on top of the one on the floor and commence wrestling.

This time Thing 2 was the victim on the floor and Thing 3 thought it was completely appropriate to ruin whatever he was building and take him down to the ground. Of course Thing 2 thought this was great. No crying… at least not over the wrestling. Later because his “creation” was ruined. Poor Thing 1 was just walking by and they got her.

It’s tough to be the only girl. I was a safe distance on the couch. Although that didn’t stop Thing 3 from coming after me too. Mark my words, he will be a line backer in his teenage years.  Other than that, I am feeling a little achy today. I have a feeling it’s me letting go of  stress. Usually when I am stressed I keep it all in and when I am able to finally unwind my whole body will ache like I have the flu. So I am going to post this menu plan, take some Tylenol and head to bed. Thing 1 and 2 are watching a movie and 3 is napping. Hope to post again this week on chores and how they get done.

Dinner menu:

1) Hamburgers, potato salad

2) Fajitas, spanish rice, pico de gallo, chips and salsa

3) Slow cooked Honey Ribs, potato salad, roasted broccoli

4)  Ham and cheese Quiche

5) Chicken kabob and grilled pineapple

6) Stir fry from left over kabob and edamame

7) Pork chops , baked potatoes and brussel sprouts

Thing breakfast menu:



homemade poptarts

homemade donuts


Things lunch menu:

Grilled cheese/ham

Turkey  avocado tortilla wrap

Fish sticks, fruit and carrots with ranch

Ham and cheese tortilla wraps

PB and J

Things snack menu:

Fruit (pineapple,watermelon,bananas and blue berries)

Gold fish


Rice Krispy Treats

Monkey Munch


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