Menu Plan Monday

I survived the glucose test this morning. Not my favorite thing about pregnancy. I am hoping the peanut butter toast and coffee I had an hour prior to the test does not make me fail it.

We had our Christmas in July party over the weekend. It was so much fun and I am now ready to put up fall decorations and get my holiday craft on! I will share pictures in another post.

I also plan to post about chores this week. As I prepare my post, I want you to go ahead and check out these chemical free cleaning cloths by Norwex. The Things and I have been using them during our chores. I have the Household package and there are a few more items I would like to get. If I have enough interest, I plan to host an online party for Norwex. In my post about chores, I will tell you about the ones that I have, how I use them and the impact it has had on us. If you already know that you would be interested in me hosting a Norwex party, please comment on FB, Twitter, Instagram or on my blog so that I can go ahead and determine if there is enough to warrant hosting.

One more post that you will see this week is about a freezable breakfast Pinterest recipe I tried. Lots of stuff hitting the blog this week so stay tuned!

This is a busy week for us. I have a 3 day practicum this week for homeschool and I would appreciate the prayers for Thing 3. I am nervous about how he is going to do this week being away from me.

Oh, and if you see items on here that you saw on the last menu plan, it’s because we didn’t have a chance to cook that meal.

Dinner menu:

1) Slow Cooker homemade Minestrone soup and corn bread

2) Taco Ring

3) Lasagna and garlic bread

4) Chicken with rice, broccoli and scallions

5) BLT’s, salad and sweet potato fries

6) Spaghetti and meatballs

7) Pizza poppers

8.) Pigs in a blanket, Charleston cheese dip, and slow cooker jelly meatballs

7.28.2012 Update: This is an awesome cheese dip! I skipped the bacon. I think it would be too salty with the bacon. I served this with garlic parmesan pita chips and blue corn chips. It was a big hit with everyone. This one is a keeper.

Thing breakfast menu:

Cream cheese breakfast rolls

Stuffed breakfast biscuits


French toast sticks

Things lunch menu:

French bread mini pizzas

Hot dogs, cheese, tortilla chips

Diced ham and cheese skewers, banana and veggie chips

PB & J, veggies chips, yogurt, carrots

Things snack menu:

Snack necklaces

Fig Newtons

Veggie chips

Monkey Munch


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