Homeschool Room: Updated

I am so excited about our schoolroom/playroom now that I am officially ready for the other part of our curriculum to begin: Classical Conversations. We survived the 3 day practicum last week. Thank you for the prayers. Thing 3 did beautifully and really enjoyed himself. Now that I am done organizing, I thought I would show you how it ended up.

The picture below shows the bulletin boards for Thing 1 and 2, their desks and the work/craft table that I moved upstairs so that Thing 3 would have a space as well.


This is a brand new chart I got from the CC practicum last week. One of the organizers of the practicum was selling these. She doesn’t make any profit off of these charts and sells them at cost-plus shipping. If you like what you see, please visit her website to see what other items she has available. Her email address is listed on the blog and you can email her to place your order. She also has a game that I purchased, but it’s not pictured.


This is a up close shot of the bulletin boards. The natural light was pretty bright. Sorry for the bad picture.


Our reading area.


A new favorite is the computer center and listening center. This has bought me lots of time with Thing 2 and Thing 3 while I finish up with Thing 1.

New charts for CC. These are sticker charts to help me gauge how well they are memorizing their material and I should be able to easily discern by winter break if we will go for memory master or not based on this sticker chart. They get a sticker each week under each subject if they have it memorized.


After some feedback from a fellow CC mom, I decided the binders were not going to work for us. By the time you finish purchasing all the cards for the cycles she said it took about 6, I believe. So I went this route instead. It’s a 5×8 file box.


I can easily grab the cards as needed and they are labeled.


And last, but certainly not least is our tri-fold memory board. I have an awesome director who put this together for me. I have all the memory work for the entire year printed out and separated by week in a bin and I just rotate out the timeline cards and memory pages. I love this new item! If you want to make one for yourself, click here for the directions. My memory work isn’t placed in there like hers because I just threw it in pockets so you could get a good visual of mine 🙂



2 thoughts on “Homeschool Room: Updated

  1. Looks fantastic! I’m so impressed. Trying to get myself organized enough to sit down with my 3yo daily to work on his speech and numbers. I can’t imagine keeping up with the curriculum for multiple kids!

    • I cover it in prayer everyday & everyday I’m surprised & happy we finish the lesson plans 🙂 I saw the new curriculum you got for him. Thing 2 is having speech issues & I’m finding that having him recite daily the alphabet letter, sound, & picture word along with a vowel chart is really helping!

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