Stuffed Breakfast Bubble Biscuits

I am always on the lookout for freezable breakfast recipes that I can whip up in bulk. My Things like cereal, but maybe once or twice a week. They have transformed to not eating until an hour after they wake up and barely eating to now being very picky about what I give them. They like hot meals. So I thought I would give these breakfast biscuits a go. I thought maybe they would be more filling than a breakfast taco and I have to tell you the salt and pepper trick on the dough was brilliant.

I followed the recipe and made a pack of bacon, 6 scrambled eggs and some hash browns. The other items you need is 2 cans of grands biscuits (I got the 8 in a can pack) and a bag of Mexican cheese.

I rolled out my biscuit dough with my marble rolling pin after putting together the first one. I realized that she (Dori, the originator of the recipe) was right, it needs to be really stretched out in order to get a good filling in there.

I found pinching the biscuit together and sealing it to be a chore. Make sure you seal it with the egg white and water.

Once you have put together the rest, brush the tops with egg white and water mixture and sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

So it looks good, right? Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? …… Picture below is what happened when they were baked.

If you are still trying to figure out what went wrong, I will kill the suspense and tell you. I was supposed to put the side that I pinched together down on the pan instead of facing up. That way as they baked, the biscuit would bake together instead of expanding out. No worries. I waited until they were cool and pinched them tother, inserted a toothpick and put them in the in freezer. Next time, I will remember to do it the right way!

After this little baking session, my kitchen looked like it threw up.

This is not the worst of it. I was too embarrassed to grab a photo of the kitchen. The things had just finished their dinner when I decided to start making these and Thing 3 had to be in the center of everything that I was doing. Notice he set up camp to the right of the rolling pin.  He had brought in all of his blocks, bug collecting items, sippy cup, and a stool into the kitchen so that he wouldn’t miss a thing. Every time I was done rolling out a biscuit, he would grab my rolling pin and use it roll out the cardboard from the empty biscuit can.  Somewhere in there Thing 2 kept stealing bacon and Thing 1 was doing homework. Needless to say, this was no easy feat with the Thing’s help and I would have had this whipped up in half an hour instead of a full hour. But, memories were made with the mess and I was able to clean the kitchen up faster than I thought (once they were in bed). Thus concludes a successful Pinterest freezable breakfast recipe. Thank you Dori, from Riches to Rags, for this easy breakfast recipe.


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