Menu Plan Monday

Howdy! I think I am going to go back to a 2 week menu plan. I am spending too much money grocery shopping every week. I hate to do it, but it’s really the best way for me to stay on budget.

I bought a food dehydrator for $20 at Aldi over the weekend! I was so excited to use it until I stumbled upon a bunch (and I do mean a bunch) of bad reviews. Turns out Target & Aldi sell the same one under different names and the reviews say that the trays break or melt within the first or second use. Since I’ve already experienced one kitchen fire in my short life, I’m going to return it and buy the Nesco from Bed Bath & Beyond. I can make fruit roll ups in this one and it has a temperature control. I read the reviews and it rates 4 out of a 5. So I feel safer using this one.

I have a few goodies coming up. Greek potatoes, a new post showing the finale of the school room & my sticky bun recipe! To vote on the order the posts are released, please comment on this blog post. Facebook comments won’t be considered šŸ™‚ If you haven’t yet, please enter your email address in the subscription box to the right so you can get the posts as they roll out. I’m not blogging daily so I promise not to overload your inbox šŸ™‚ Let’s talk food!

Dinner menu:

1) Chicken Fried Rice
A few things about this recipe. You will want to add a lot of salt and pepper. Taste as you go along. I made my chicken by cooking it in sesame oil in a skillet. As it cooked, I added 1 tbsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp soy sauce and 1 tbsp garlic powder and white vinegar. It was perfect. This was a great recipe!

2) Crockpot beer Chicken and broccoli

3) Crockpot cubed steak, green bean, and rolls

4) Zesty Italian chicken and Greek potatoes *Post to come soon about this recipe

5) Crockpot Greek Chicken Pitas and hummus

6) Pesto chicken Pasta

7) Pasta Salad

8) Leftovers

Thing breakfast menu:

Cinnamon Rolls


French toast sticks

Things lunch menu:

French bread mini pizzas

chicken nuggets, tortilla chips

Diced ham and cheese skewers, banana and veggie chips

PB & J, veggies chips, yogurt, carrots

Things snack menu:

Fall Trail Mix: Cheeze Its, Pretzels, Reese’s Pieces, Chocolate and Peanut butter cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios, and raisins

I made a HUGE batch of this so you may see this going forward for a week or two. I’m storing it in one of those containers from Target that comes with the cheese balls in it. Those containers are great for bulk sized snacks!


Yogurt covered blueberries: I am using a honey flavored Greek yogurt and dipping my frozen blue berries in it and then I will flash freeze them for an hour and separate into sandwich bags.


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