Menu Plan Monday

Hello everyone! We had a very busy weekend. How about ya’ll? We had a “to do” list that truly seemed like a mile long. I am exhausted from my weekend and am truly looking forward to taking it slower this week. There are so many things that we are trying to get done done before Thing #4 arrives. I did knock off one of our projects this weekend. It was to re-cover our 30+year old kitchen chairs. I can not wait to show you the end result in a blog post I am going to write up. Look  for it next week.

Somewhere around 2am Saturday morning I awoke (I am having bouts of insomnia with this pregnancy) and realized in my sleepy state that we gave away every single baby boy outfit from newborn to 12 months before we left Texas. At the time, it seemed like the right decision as I knew we needed to purge our stuff before the move, however, here we are with a few weeks left and we need to “start over”. I am smiling through it though because truly, after 2 boys, it was probably time to buy new stuff anyway. I love shopping for baby clothes so this will be fun!

We survived last week’s round of illness and homeschooling! WOOHOO! We are on our 3rd week of school and so far so good. Thing 1 has her first math test tomorrow. I am feeling confident she will do well. We took a practice test today and she got a 98. I can not tell you how happy I am that God led me to leave Singapore behind and allowed me to see the gaps and the affects it was having on her self esteem. She gets excited about all of the math games we do beforehand and so far, no tears. Praise the Lord! Thank you Abekka! Thing 2 is doing awesome and loves school. Thing 3 and I are still working through behavior during school and what I expect from him. It’s time to rotate the toys from the garage so I am hoping that change alone will help me. I am also going to swing by the children’s consignment shop and grab a few new things for him to help keep him entertained. Last week was such a flop with him because he was on steroids. Let me tell you, those things will turn your angel into something you don’t recognize. He picked up some really bad habits from those lovely pills: hitting, throwing, stealing. So, this week will have to be full of redirection and reteaching. Sounds exhausting just to look at that sentence. 🙂

I went back to a 2 week menu. Super happy I did and my budget loves me again. I spent $113.88 at Aldi and $101.67 at Publix. I buy my chicken and other meat from Publix and any speciality items I can not get from Aldi. I do buy hamburger from Aldi because  in their freezer section, they have frozen all natural (no growth hormones or added preservatives) ground hamburger meat at an affordable price. My budget is $250. I totally cut out Costco last year. I found that I was impulse buying in bulk and would walk out with a $300 bill every 2 weeks. Our diapers are ordered through and the price is cheaper than Costco for the most part because I buy them on sale. Once Thing 4 comes, I may have to get another membership because we buy formula in bulk.

This week I will post the recipe for our favorite Greek potatoes and an updated post on our schoolroom. If you haven’t yet, please sign up to receive the posts through email if you don’t want to miss them. I keep linking through Facebook, but not sure it matters anymore due to their changes with the Timeline. I may do away with that in the future so sign up if you don’t want to miss out.

Let’s talk menus for the next two weeks, shall we? Let me give you one quick tip. When planning your menu, look in your freezer and pantry to see what you have already and plan around that. I really only purchased about a week’s worth of meals because I have some food that I had frozen for weeks when I don’t want to cook, don’t have time or need to save money in our budget.

Dinner menu:

1) Ham and Cheese Quiche  remember this recipe. I made two of these a few weeks ago. I am using the second one this week as a dinner- no money spent.

2) Steak, roasted broccoli and corn on the cob- I had corn in the freezer from last summer’s freezing, broccoli I bought and the steak I already had because the last time we had steak they were on sale so I grabbed 2 packs.

3) Brats, hot dog and seasoned potatoes- I had the brats in the freezer from the last time we had them. We bought one pack too many, I purchased the hotdogs and potatoes.

4) Soggy Chicken- I bought a whole chicken (I will use half of the chicken for 2 additional meals below) and veggies for this. Recipe to come at a later time.

5) Tortellini soup and corn bread- another recipe that will come soon. I made a huge pot when I made it and we froze the leftovers in a container big enough for another meal. I bought the cornbread.

6) Creamy Grilled Chicken Piccata– bought everything for this recipe.

7) Chicken bundels– we will be using leftover chicken for this recipe, the rest of the stuff I had to buy.

8) Crock pot Chicken and Dumplings- leftover chicken the rest I had to buy.

9.) Chili and cornbread- I had to buy everything.

10.) Chili cheese tater tot casserole– I bought the tots. The chili we will have left over from the chili meal above.

11.) Chicken pot pies made in a muffin tin.

12.) Leftovers

13.) Leftovers

14) Pizza made using biscuits if we run out of leftovers.

Thing breakfast menu:

Cinnamon Rolls


French toast sticks

Poptarts– I am cheating and using refrigerated pie crust.

Banana/chocolate chip pancakes ( I will make a huge batch to freeze and use some for lunch as well)

Sticky buns

Things lunch menu:

Salami, cheese, granola and grapes

Homemade chicken nuggets, yogurt, pita and hummus- this recipe is SO easy to make. Please don’t be afraid to try it out. I squeezed 20 nuggets out of 1pound of ground chicken this morning and probably could have made a few more except I made heart shapes, stars and X’s out of my nuggets. The only complaint I got about the nuggets was they wanted a little salt on top. This are super delicious and you can make them in bulk, freeze them and take them out whenever you need them. Cheaper than buying a bag of nuggets made with rib meat and who even knows what else.


Fish sticks, cheese and edamame

Mini Tuna balls, grapes and salad- I have never made these before and have no idea how the Things will like these. We are going to try them out though 🙂

Turkey sandwich, cheese sticks and veggie chips


Chicken salad, ritz crackers and carrots with ranch

Things snack menu:

Fall Trail Mix: Cheeze Its, Pretzels, Reese’s Pieces, Chocolate and Peanut butter cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios, and raisins

Peanut butter and apples


Hummus and pita chips


Peanut butter crackers


That’s it for today! Ya’ll have a good one!


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