My review of the homemade fruit and veggie wash

If you are on Pinterest, I am sure you have seen the homemade fruit and veggie wash recipe going around. It’s super easy and consists of white vinegar and water. I followed the recipe and filled my sink halfway with water and added 1 cup of white vinegar and let my fruit and veggies sit for 10 minutes.

I added broccoli for one specific reason. I wanted to see if it truly removed the wax. It’s hard to tell on apples and strawberries, so I used the broccoli as my tell tell sign.

Proof is always in the pictures when using a flash.

On this head of broccoli pictured above you can see where part of the wax was removed, but there are areas on the broccoli where it did not come off. I did swirl my heads of broccoli around in the vinegar mix to make sure it got in between the florets.

On this head of broccoli pictured above it didn’t do quiet as good of a job cleaning off the wax. I am not sure why there was such a difference, but there was.

Is this a good cleaner. Sortof, it’s absolutely better than water! Does it remove all of the wax? Well, you can see for yourself. I would definitely use this method again if I find myself in the predicament that I was in when I was cleaning these fruits and veggies (out of of Environe). Since I really am concerned about the trapped pesticides under the wax, I prefer Environe because it removes all of the wax. If you aren’t like me, and just want your fruits and veggies cleaner than with using water, please go with this recipe. It does seem to naturally remove the wax as you can see in my pictures. Happy cleaning!


3 thoughts on “My review of the homemade fruit and veggie wash

  1. Tara, I didn’t see this review, but just looked on the back of my vege wash bottle. I filled my bottle back up with 1 c lemon juice, about 8 drops of grapefruit seed extract, a splash of vodka, and the rest water. I’ve been happy with this, but have u considered buying organic for certain vege’s so u won’t be so worried?

    • I may try your recipe. It’s very similar to Environe’s. I don’t bother with buying all organic because you can’t guarantee it’s organic (see Latoya’s comment). Also it’s so much more expensive & we go through a lot of fruit. Aldi sales most of their veggies & fruits from organic farmer’s so some of our stuff is,.. it’s just not labeled that way. I’ve 9researched the farmer’s that sale to ours.

  2. Even if you buy organic you should still wash your veggies. The FDA has guidelines in what organic means and it doesn’t mean pesticide free for all things (peaches come to mind). There are also dangerous microbes on your fruit which imo is a bigger concern than the wax. The vinegar wash is a good rinse to kill most (not all) microbes. And is nontoxic to humans.

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