Menu Plan Monday

We were  so busy this weekend. We had a yard sale and I whipped together a bunch of freezer meals. I was able to not only prepare ahead for the next two weeks worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I also was able to freeze 7 meals for when Thing #4 comes. Very relieved that I have my freezer stash going. It is a weight off of my shoulders. So, how much was my grocery bill for two weeks since I added in freezer meals: $237.23. I spent $123.87 at Aldi and the rest in two shopping trips to Publix. Once I started my freezer meal prep I realized I had forgotten some things that the store. So, still under my budget with room for me to run back to Aldi at the end of the week for more milk and anything else that we may have run out of like fruit.

Organization to the utmost degree has now become a necessity in my final weeks of pregnancy. I realized last week I needed to make some additional changes as I was growing faint by lunch time which made throwing everyone’s lunches together really hard on me. I have decided to pre-make the Things lunches 2 days in advance. I purchased 6 divided plastic containers from Walmart ($4 total) and I have already made their lunches for Monday and Tuesday.

Doing so will help me greatly! Next grocery trip I will pick up 6 more and continue to buy in packs of two until I get enough containers to pre-make one whole week’s worth of lunches at once. Doing this, in addition to the freezer meals is going to really pay off next week for me. I slaved in the kitchen this weekend, but I know it’s going to be worth it for the next two weeks and once Thing #4 arrives. As you mommas who have kids in school start thinking of menus for lunches, think about pre-making their lunches for a week. I had started over the weekend and can not tell you how much I enjoyed just grabbing containers and setting them on the table. It was freeing!

Dinner menu:

1.) Baked sweet and sour chicken with fried rice

2.) Spaghetti and garlic bread

3.) Garlic bread pizza

4.) Slow cooker marina over meatball subs

5.) Tex- Mex beef wraps + one freezer meal

6.) Roasted butter herbed whole chicken and veggies + one freezer meal

Mix butter and herbs desired in a small bowl. I added salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, a dash of crushed red pepper and fajita seasoning. Layer your vegetables at the bottom of the freezer bag, smother butter over your chicken and lay on top of veggies. Make sure to rinse your chicken and remove the bag of parts from the chicken before freezing unless using a cut up chicken. When you are ready to slow cook your chicken, dump the contents of your bag into your slow cooker and set to low and cook for 8 hours. This meal will count as one as we will 1/3 of it- then I will use the left over chicken to divide into two additional meals- tortilla soup and chicken salad sandwiches.

7.) Chicken Tortilla soup

8.) Chicken salad sandwiches

9.) BLT sandwiches with soup

10.) Slow cooker ribs + one freezer meal and cheesy rice

11.) Baked fried chicken + one freezer meal’s worth, brussel sprouts, French bread and mac and cheese

12.) Leftovers

13.) Leftovers

Thing’s breakfast menu:

Sausage pancakes made enough for two weeks

Blueberry French toast sticks

regular pancakes

cinnamon rolls


Thing’s snack menu:

1.) Granola bars– made 13 total so they will get it twice a week for two weeks

2.) Peanut butter oatmeal cookies enough for one week. I don’t think they will like these as much as the granola bars

3.) Spiced Carrot bread muffins

Plus I added another snack station in the fridge for the next two weeks.


-string cheese




Thing’s lunch menu:

1.) Peanut butter over caramel rice cakes, cheese and yogurt cups

2.) Corn dog muffins, slow cooker apple sauce, and fig newtons (Made enough for one lunch this week and one next week)

3.) Spice Carrot bread muffins, goldfish, and grapes (This should last us a while. Bread made 2 loaves and 2 1/2 muffin tins)

4.) Cinnamon bread with peanut butter, honey, and banana, yogurt, carrots with ranch

I will repeat these meals twice.

This week I will start a 3 part series using a whole chicken. I will give you the recipe for Soggy chicken and Chicken in a biscuit. The third meal that you can make from the whole chicken recipe will come the following week! Y’all have a great week!


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