Menu Plan Monday- On Tuesday

Sorry I am just getting this out. Yesterday was a family day for us. This morning I was homeschooling and during nap time I was whipping up some burp cloths and little man tie shirts with suspenders for my pumpkin. I have to make this short and sweet because I have another little one calling my name ready to get up from nap. Happy menu planning!

Dinner menu:

1.) Fried chicken, squash casserole, & cornbread dressing

2.) Tortilla Chicken Casserole

3.) PW Enchiladas

4.) Turkey wraps and home made potato chips

5.) Wings, potato wedges, and marinara

6.) PW BBQ Sandwiches

7.) Pasta with pesto cream sauce

8.) Man pleasing chicken, mac and cheese, black- eyed peas

9.) Grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh fruit

10.) PW French dip x2 (freezer meal for baby’s arrival) with pickles and chips

11.) Country ham, hash brown casserole and biscuits

12.) Rachel Ray’s Chicken tenders and potato salad

13.) Leftovers

14.) Leftovers / pizza

Thing’s breakfast menu:

1.)  Pop tarts

2.) Chocolate chip pancakes

3.) home made donuts

4.) blue berry muffins

5.) cereal

Thing’s lunch menu:

1.) Home made fish sticks, fruit and carrots

2.) Momveeta, tortilla chips, ham and grapes

3.) Fruit leather, yogurt, frozen smoothies

4.) Fall leaf pizza pockets, peanut butter rice cake sandwiches

5.) Chocolate chip pancake sandwich with honey and bananas

6.) Chicken nuggets, raisins, yogurt and veggie dip

7.) Graham crackers, cheese, gold fish and grapes

I will repeat this menu the following week for 14 lunches.

Things Snack Menu:

Nutella and banana ice cream

Granola bars– these were such a hit! None of us could stay away from them. I plan to make double the batch this time.

Raw Peanut butter oatmeal cookies– these were also a hit. I will stick with the one batch because even though these were small and only made a handful they were filling. I leave out the dates.

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Banana bread muffins

Pudding pops


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