Making Pizza Fun For Fall

This morning was the first morning I walked outside and it felt like fall. I was super giddy about the change in temperatures here. It was only 75 degrees and I will take it! We love fall in our home (in case you didn’t already know this). My Things also get really into fall- just like their momma. We have a ton of Fall/Halloween cookie cutters so why not put them to good use. One of the items on the Things lunch menu this week was Fall Leaf Pizza Pockets. Let me share how easy it is to surprise your pumpkins with pumpkins or leaf pizza pockets in their lunch box or at home!

What you need:

Fall cookie cutters

Refrigerated pie dough

Pizza sauce

Cheese of choice- we use a Mexican blend

Roll our your dough and make your shapes with your cookie cutters.

Spread just a little sauce on top: add cheese. If you over fill it, the filling will ooze out creating a burnt mess.

Put the tops on and seal the sides by using the end of a fork to press down the edges. Bake according to your pie crust directions- mine was at 400 for 11 minutes.


My Things had no idea I was making these for them and they were super excited to see pizza in these shapes!

I made enough for supper and their lunch. I am still pre-making their lunches. Again, if you have not tried this, you really need to. Even though my Things do not go to school, it is so important for me to plan ahead and pre- make right now. I have no idea when I will be out of energy for the day and pre-making their lunches has saved me time and energy! I simply pull them out of the refrigerator and hand them over. Best. Thing. Ever!

As soon as Easy Lunchboxes comes back in stock, I plan to buy a week’s worth so that I can keep up 🙂

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for Easy Lunchboxes, please click here.


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