Answers to Prayers and Our 4am Poopie Disaster

Well, I am writing my first post as a mom to four blessings! Thank you all for your prayers! Everything went supernaturally smooth. I didn’t publicize it, but 2 weeks before our delivery I switched doctors, surgeons and hospitals. It didn’t have anything to do with my original doctor, but did have everything to do with where I was scheduled to deliver. We took the hospital tour a little late. Having had 2 kids in Texas I never dreamed that a hospital would have such an impact- or the differences in states that you deliver in. After our tour of the hospital I was crushed, scared and defeated. I won’t go into any of the details about what we saw and experienced, but after that night I knew I could not deliver at the original location. When we came home from the tour, some friends told us about another location to consider. After looking it up online I resolved the next day to make the switch. I stayed up pretty much the entire night praying God would work it out and have His hand on the situation. My previous doctor told me I would not make it to the original surgery date and I was having contractions daily. The next morning I called the new OB and told the nurse my situation, the reasons I was making such a late change and asked if they could see me that week and get surgery scheduled at the new hospital. She called me back in half an hour and said all I needed to do was pick up my records from my old doctor and she could see me the following day. I was relieved. Praise God. I picked up my records and went in the next morning. My prayer partner knew what was going on and had prayed that God would give me the right surgeon. Initially I brushed off that part of the prayer in my mind because I knew the doctor the nurse set me up with had raving reviews online. I went to the appointment and the doctor I was suppose to see had an emergency surgery and could not make it. They asked if I was willing to see another doctor. I said, yes. The new doctor came in, measured me, talked to me about my previous C-sections and said, “There is no way you will make it to the 10th. You need to have this baby next week.” In so many words he told me that if I went into real labor, before they could take him, I could loose my life and the baby (because of the previous c-sections). After he left the room, the nurse came back in and told me that I couldn’t push up my surgery because of our state’s law that won’t allow the baby to be taken before week 39 without a specialists approval to show that the baby’s lungs are fully developed. We didn’t have time to get that done. I left the office, got into the car and translated what happened to the man. We sat in the car and prayed for intervention. I was super scared. I had never gone into labor before so I had no idea what to expect. I am very stubborn and was afraid I would wait too long to go in. Since we don’t have family here, calling a friend in the middle of the night who lives 45 minutes away (to watch the other 3) is a big deal and I was scared that I wouldn’t do it in time because I didn’t want to create a fuss for a false alarm. The man and I parted ways and I prayed on the way home God would just make my water break or something really drastic so that I wouldn’t ignore the signs and put myself and the baby in danger. I called my prayer partner and told her the news. As we were talking my cell phone got another call. It was the doctor’s office. The nurse told me that my surgery had been pushed up to the 4th. I asked how. She said, your doctor made a phone call and it’s taken care of. Praise the Lord. I was crying tears of joy. God had interceded and protected both me and the baby.

God indeed put me with the doctor and surgeon He wanted. My whole experience was one of the best I have had out of four. My last doctor in Texas was God sent so the new one had a pretty big shoes to fill. Everything, to the tiniest detail, was cared for and taken care of. I am so humbled by all of you who took the time to pray. You guys did not know what we were going through, yet you prayed. I had serious fears about this last surgery. More was at stake- with three kids already at home to care for and no real knowledge about my doctor, I was literally stepping out in faith that God would take care of me and our son.

Speaking of, he is super cute and calm. He doesn’t look a thing like the other’s- as of now. The other 3 Things adore him and are very nurturing to him. Unlike the other two boys, I have not been squirted in the face yet with pee. However, we did have the 4am poopie disaster last night. He was drinking his bottle and The Man felt something on his leg that was wet. At that point, I heard him whispering, “Oh crap!” The light switch came on (the baby is in our room for now) and he is wiping poop from his arms, the baby’s arms, head, legs- pretty much every surface. I sat up in bed trying so hard not to laugh because I knew he was grossed out. I grabbed the baby new clothes while The Man washed him and himself off. Meanwhile I am hearing The Man make gagging sounds. It was so funny to watch. I didn’t dare let him know that though. I finished feeding little man so the big man could clean himself up and go back to bed. I was reminded of the time that Thing 3 had projectile pooped on the wall, my arms, hair and shirt at 3am. Thus is the cycle of life. It’s so humbling to have kids. No matter how many rounds of diapers you have changed, puke you have cleaned up, spit up you have wiped from your shirt, pee you have cleaned from a wall, it still catches you off guard every time it happens. You get better and quicker at cleaning it up, but you don’t get use to the surprise of it happening. Especially when it happens on you.

So that’s what is going on with us. The baby is home bound for a few more weeks until he is 8 weeks old. We don’t like to take chances with newborns. Especially since we are in the peek of flu season. I will be posting my menu plan sometime this week. Hope everyone has a blessed day and you were able to laugh with me today.


2 thoughts on “Answers to Prayers and Our 4am Poopie Disaster

  1. I’m so glad it went well! Haha at the Poop story. And (as a trained immunologist), thank you for keeping the baby inside. You don’t want him getting sick. 🙂 So happy for you. Congrats again!

    • I rejoice that our great God intercedes in the midst of storms. Oh by the way,had a good laugh, too, at the Poop story. So very happy for you and baby!

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