How to make a GF cream sauce in a jam

Ya’ll are getting spoiled with posts this week! Let me tell you why. The man took the two older Things out for a quick ice cream run tonight (Thursday night) because they both received Best Behavior Cards yesterday for their chores. That’s their reward. I don’t give out Best Behavior Cards often. Like pretty much never. They were both super helpful yesterday so they definitely earned it. Anyway, so I have some time to myself tonight (Thursday night) since the two littles are in bed, I wanted to quickly type out one more recipe that I have been meaning to post since last week.

You know how I love my Cajun Chicken Alfredo . It hits our menu plan often. I forgot to buy the heavy whipping cream from the store. It’s not like hopping in the car to make a quick run is exactly a piece of cake these days, so I had to improvise to make the base sauce for the Alfredo. After quick research using my phone I really need to get a tablet I found a recipe that I thought would work.

GF Cream Sauce

3 cups whole milk

3 tbsp GF flour

3 tbsp melted butter

Stir together and heat in saucepan until you get desired thickness. Season as desired for the dish you are using it for. For the Alfredo I threw in a cajun spice and a handful of Parmesan.


Your feedback is helpful to me as I go through this new cooking adventure! Please be sure to stop back by and let me know what you thought!


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