Foodie Friday: Menu Plan where you get a breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner plan all in one spot.

It’s Foodie Friday instead of Menu Plan Monday. Ya’ll ok with that? Hope so because at least for today that is how it rolls.



Cinnamon Rolls

French Toast


Sausage Pancake Muffins



Granola cups


Yogurt and oats

Homemade Chex mix (Pirate’s booty, Rice Squares, Corn Chips, Fritos)


Rice cakes with Peanutbutter, apples, cheese

Sandwiches, homemade chex mix, granola bars

Hot dogs, salad, pirate’s booty

Corndogs, cucumber slices, and jello


Apple sandwiches, cheese and yogurt


1. Pizza

2. Hamburgers and homemade French Fries

3. Sausage Bake

4. Salmon, potato au gratin, roasted cauliflower

5. French onion soup, pork chops and broccoli

6. Breaded chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and green beans

7. Cubed steak sandwiches, chips

8. Jumbalya

9. Crock pot proscuiutto- spinach chicken roll, stuffed tomatoes, and mashed potatoes

10.Crock pot stuffed peppers

11. Spaghetti and meatballs

All recipes meals will be made gluten free. I’ll blog recipes from this menu plan that I think everyone would like. Any particular recipe someone wants from the above list? Comment below and I will blog it next week!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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