Be My Valentine: Marriage Challenge

It’s four weeks until Valentine’s day. I always hate that we only get one day to celebrate the ones we love the most. Recently, I received a post from Women Living Well about a Marriage Challenge for Valentine’s day. I love this idea of taking the four weeks before Valentine’s to focus on one thing that can uplift your spouse.

For the week of January 21, our focus is to look for ways to verbally praise our husband. We all know that our men need verbal affirmation. Sometimes more that we do as their wives. It’s always important that we do this in front of our children, his friends, our friends, and those that we are in close contact with. We can make or break our husband’s image by the words that we speak about or over him. This week, try to focus on verbal praise to and about him. In your prayers, ask God to open your eyes to things that you may have missed about your husband. Allow yourself to fall in love with new things that make him great and share those things with him!

Will you accept this challenge this week?



3 thoughts on “Be My Valentine: Marriage Challenge

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